How to Get Away with Murder: Face/Off

Never try to ruin Annalise's repuation or take her salon.

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Frank is back! He tried to make amends with Annalise, but she wasn’t having it. He then offered to kill himself in front of her. Annalise is fine with it, which I’m sure wasn’t the reaction Frank was hoping for.
  • Michaela hates her mom. Naturally, Asher arranged for them to get together.
  • Connor and Oliver got back together and then broke up in the same episode. Reason for termination: Oliver called Connor “damaged”. Truth hurts, apparently.
  • What we know in the future: Casa Keating burned down, there’s a dead dude in there somewhere, Laurel is knocked up,  Annalise was having secret meetings with the ANTLs without Michaela, and Wes is snitching on Annalise (and possibly everyone) to the police.

Let’s learn how to get away with murder!


Annalise has remembered that in between all of her corrupt legal activities and self-destructive alcoholism, she still needs to give her students midterms exams. They have to present an oral defense for Ted Bundy’s case, which I was about to praise for being a creative exam until I realized that Annalise probably made it up off the top of her head because she couldn’t be bothered to write and grade a multiple choice exam.

But wait! What happened with Frank? Annalise tells Wes that he is gone and Wes points out that “gone” can have multiple meanings with Annalise. Has Frank gone fishing? Is he Gone Girl? Or gone from their lives or this Earth? A flashback reveals that Bonnie talked down Frank by reminding him about the time they boned and how much she loves him.

Sex is always a good reason to live.

Back to midterms: Annalise announces that they have all passed and gives out free champagne as a reward.

Everybody in the classrom getting tipsy!

Everybody in the classroom getting tipsy!

The ANTLs jokes that Laurel must have grown up in a psych ward because of how well she used the insanity defense and Laurel admits that her mother was mentally ill.

Oliver congratulates Connor on his exam and tells him that he’ll make a great lawyer. “What, even though I’m damaged?” snaps Oliver. “I’d rather be damaged than fake.”

Break ups are not good on Connor. He sounds like a passive aggressive Facebook post.

But “Damaged” is the insult of the day and Laurel and Wes have a fight over which one of them is more damaged.

Annalise goes to Mary J. Blige’s beauty salon for a touch up and breaks down when she admits that quitting drinking has been hard and now she has all these suppressed feelings coming up. Mary J. Blige comforts Annalise (no awkward singing, though!) and thanks Annalise for recommending for her salon. Apparently, a black woman with 3c curly hair with a “Single White Female” vibe came by, talking about Annalise.

Annalise knows that this is her arch-nemesis, the ADA With the Great Hair. She confronts the ADA and tells her to stay away or else. I can’t tell if Annalise is more angry that ADA With the Great Hair is trying to start another investigation into Annalise or steal away Annalise’s hairdresser.

Never try to ruin Annalise's repuation or take her salon.

I think the latter. Annalise’s hair sucked in season 1. We don’t want to go back to that.

Annalise also confronts Nate after work and tells him what ADA With the Great Hair is doing. She snidely adds that Nate only has his police job back because ADA hopes to use him for info on Annalise. They get into a screaming match in the parking lot but back in the office, Nate breaks up with ADA because he doesn’t want to get involved with whatever she is doing against Annalise. ADA is bummed, but she got Wes to come down to the police station.

The police detectives admit to Wes that they are investigating Annalise and want his cooperation. They subtly threaten to open a case against him for Goth Girl’s murder so Wes agrees to snitch.

Meanwhile, Annalise goes on another depressive spiral, gets drunk, and heads over to Bonnie’s to be taken care of.

I wish I had a Bonnie who would feed me soup when I'm drunk.

I wish I had a Bonnie who would feed me soup when I’m drunk.

Asher admits to Michaela that her mother is coming to visit and Michaela leaves the end-of-midterm celebrations to see what her low-life, mooch of a mother wants. Mrs. Pratt explains that she is getting a divorce and needs to crash with Michaela until she gets a job and her own place–basically, forever.

Michaela refuses and Mrs. Pratt calls her ungrateful after all she’s done for Michaela, rescuing her from terrible birth parents. “Social Services rescued me! Then I rescued myself!” yells Michaela. “You did your charity work and rescued a little black baby and so now I’m asking you to leave.”

Wait, I assumed that Mrs. Pratt was Michaela’s birth mother and Michaela was adopted into a rich family who gave her the funds for designer clothes and law school. Where does Michaela get the money to pay for her clothes, her fancy apartment, and other expenses? None of the ANTLs seems to have jobs .

Before we can get into the logistics of this situation, a very drunk Connor, Laurel, and Asher interrupt the family reunion.


All family reunions require at least one inappropriately drunk person and it looks like that will be Connor.

Bonnie puts Annalise to bed and Annalise thanks her the only way she knows how: with a sloppy, drunken kiss.

Next time, just send a "thank you" card.

Next time, just send a “thank you” card.

Bonnie calls Frank and informs him about Annalise’s investigation and begs for his help for One Last Job. Frank’s last job was One Last Job ago. The whole point of banishing Frank is to never talk to him again. These people either need to learn how to take out their own hits or welcome Frank back into the fold because pretending he’s no longer part of the group isn’t working.

Speaking of being part of the group, Oliver finally knows the ANTL’s secret. The first secret, I mean. Remembering that Connor once confessed to a substance abuse problem (Oliver has a really good memory; I admit I completely forgot that), he tries to curb Connor’s drinking at the end-of-midterms celebration. Connor laughs at Oliver for believing the lie and Oliver does a few Google searches and finally connects Annalise and the ANTL’s involvement in Sam’s death.


Before Oliver can decide if he’s going to hand in his two week’s notice, Annalise pays him a visit and ominously asks for his help for one little thing…

Annalise also summons the ANTLs to Casa Keating for an important meeting. Laurel is the first to arrive and the first floor explodes shortly after she enters.

This is the reward she gets for being on time?!

Okay, how did she survive this? That’s a goddamn fireball coming out of the front door.

Now we finally catch up on the events of the night of the Casa Keating fire: Connor hooks up with the Handsy Massage Therapist, Annalise is arrested, Michaela argues with her mom. The only new segment is Nate goes over to Casa Keating to admit that Annalise was right about ADA’s investigation.

So does that mean he is the body under the sheet?

Nope, because the timestamp shows that he came by in the afternoon and no one was there and the fire was in the late evening.

So who is it? The answer will melt your face off!

If your face is not melted, then Wes' definitely is.

If your face is not melted, then Wes’ definitely is.

Turns out Wes was snitching in the late afternoon, not in the evening. He and Laurel were presumably the only ANTLs who weren’t too drunk to go to Casa Keating for the secret meeting. His identity is revealed to the public and the ANTLs mourn the loss of their friend.

RIP Wes. I never thought you would be the one to kick the bucket around here, considering you’re a lead character and all.

Nate goes to see Annalise, who swears she is innocent. Nate agrees. He spoke the coroner, who says Wes was dead before he was found at Casa Keating.

But who did it?

What We Learned About Getting Away With Murder:

  • Well, you can’t kill a person and then plant their body at a house fire. Apparently, the coroner can figure it out.

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