How to Get Away With Murder: Breaking up is hard to do

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise opened up a pro-bono legal clinic because the university wants to keep her from teaching. You know, considering how badly she screwed up this year’s crop of America’s Next Top Lawyers.
  • Someone is posting fliers of Annalise with the word “KILLER” underneath. Who knows what they did last semester?
  • Annalise sent a PI after Frank, but Frank ambushed him and killed the PI as Annalise listened on the line. Will Frank come back to kill Annalise? Will Annalise hunt Frank down herself? Does Annalise still have to cut the PI a check? These are the questions that need answering!
  • Oliver is officially a member of the Getting Away With Murder Squad as the resident hacker. However, things at the office will be awkward since Oliver broke up with Connor because Connor didn’t get mad enough during an argument.
  • Asher and Michaela are secretly hooking up, Wes has a new girlfriend, and Laurel has a crush on Wes since she needs a guy to pine for now that Frank is gone.
  • What We Know In the Future: Someone is dead at Casa Keating, and whoever it is, they’re important enough for Annalise to sob over. Of course, the tears could be fake…

Let’s learn how to get away with murder, folks!


Our flashforward of this episode is the police questioning a sobbing Annalise about her whereabouts. She demands to know if they’re accusing her of burning down her own house, and challenges them to arrest her. Oh, so there’s murder and arson involved in this season? Nice to see that they’re ramping up the stakes for season 3.

In the present/past, Nate and Annalise wake up in bed together. He notes that she was tossing and turning in her sleep, and logically concludes that a woman who is occasionally haunted by her guilt and bad decisions must have been dreaming about… sex.

Oh, Nate. He’s lucky that he’s pretty.

As Nate showers, Annalise secretly calls her PI again, but Frank answers, confirming the man’s death. Annalise quickly hangs up and continues her day, which includes a meeting with the president of the university to discuss the death threat flier situation. The president assures Annalise that they’re taking these threats very seriously, and campus security is increasing their patrols, as if that’s actually helpful.


Imagine a squad of Paul Blarts. That’s the average campus security force.

Laurel goes to Casa Keating to ask about Frank, but she’s got nothing to worry about. Although he’s on the lam and just killed a guy, Frank is TCB. He wrecks a car, puts the dead PI in the driver’s seat, and sets the whole thing on fire and just walks away.

Beard or no beard, Frank is still very much a bad ass.

Oliver and Connor have an awkward post-break up morning as they head to Annalise’s class together, but Connor tells the ANTLs that he’s confident they’ll get back together soon. Although they don’t know the full details of the break up, I like how all of the ANTLs immediately assume Connor cheated.

The ANTLs also gossip about the “Annalise is a killer” fliers, which have attracted local media attention. Insensitive Drake pipes up that maybe Annalise is putting them up herself to play the victim.


Have you ever met Annalise?

Annalise announces their case of the week: Irene, who killed her husband after years of domestic abuse and has lost every parole hearing because she doesn’t make an effort to appeal to the board. Connor knows that with an attitude like this, Irene’s case is unwinnable, so he tries to get himself kicked off the case. Ironically, Irene picks Connor to be her counsel, and now he feels obliged to help her.

Much to Connor’s frustration, Irene shuts down emotionally during the parole hearing, even refusing to admit to the abuse. He attempts to relate to her on a personal level by confessing that he too killed a guy, so he totally knows what she’s going through. This strategy works and Irene delivers a moving “he had it coming” monologue. The parole board agrees that if they had been there, they would have done the same, and they grant her release.

However, Annalise isn’t pleased with Connor. She overheard him confessing to Irene, and everyone knows that rule number one about getting away with murder is not telling people that you got away with murder. Especially when you’re at a prison. You know, the place they keep the people who didn’t get away with murder?


Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the damn door?

She admonishes Connor, and then has to head off to deal with the next shit sundae on her plate. Due to the negative press about the fliers, the university board has decided to suspend Annalise until further notice. Annalise reminds them that she is the victim here, and she will not be treated like a criminal! Good day, sirs!

You know, I think Insensitive Drake was onto something about the “playing a victim” thing.

Meanwhile, Connor heads home, where Oliver is making a celebratory dinner. Connor kisses him, because, let’s face it, he’s had a rough day and he just wants a kiss from his boo. Unfortunately, despite gestures to the contrary, Oliver is not interested in being boyfriends again. He gently suggests that Connor move out, so Connor crashes at Michaela’s, where he also finds Asher. Michaela admits that the two are a couple, and Connor doesn’t have it in him to make a snarky comment.

That's how you know he's really sad.

That’s how you know he’s really sad.

Wes drops by Casa Keating to check on Annalise. Earlier in the episode, she offered to let him move into her house and he was like, “Uh, you’re my professor/pseudo-maternal figure and I’ve helped you commit a couple crimes. I feel like that’s not a good idea? Plus I have a girlfriend now,” which seemed to bum out Annalise more than it should, considering she has Nate living in her house.

He chatters on, trying to keep the mood light, but Annalise is preoccupied with thoughts about Frank. Nate was unable to track so much as an IP address from Frank, but Bonnie snitched that Laurel is still leaving mopey voice mails on Frank’s phone. Now she hopes to use Laurel to lure him back to town.

It’s so hard to let loved ones go.

In the flashforward, Oliver steps from the crowd to comfort Annalise. Just before she’s arrested, she slips him her cellphone and orders him to wipe it clean.

As suspected, Annalise is putting on an act for the police. But the question remains: who’s dead?

What We Learned About Getting Away With Murder:

  • Frank: Wreck a car, plant the body, let the whole thing burn, watch it all burn looking bad-ass. A visual reference is below.


  • Since Irene did go to jail for murder and took forever to finally get parole, she doesn’t really have any useful tips for us.

Possible Suspects Who Are Putting Up the Fliers:

The ANTLs have compiled a very impressive list so far.


“The entire D.A.s office.” “All the cops.” Just… all the cops. Good thing they’re not America’s Next Top Detectives, right?

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