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Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise struck a deal with the assistant prosecutor to protect herself and the other ANTLs in exchange for handing over Creepy Phillip’s creepy emails that include footage of them running around the Hapstell mansion and faking crimes scenes and whatnot
  • It goes without saying that the assistant prosecutor is kicking himself for making that deal
  • Caleb Hapstall is missing and possibly murdered
  • Michaela is so devastated that went into a dark place: the dimly lit bathroom of a bar where she hooked up with Asher.
  • Oh and Oliver wants to join the Casa Keating payroll full-time, much to Connor’s dismay. Hey, it’s about time Oliver got paid for all the hacking he’s done. Connor’s D doesn’t pay the bills.
  • Annalise is so fed up with her whiny interns always crying on her doorste and accusing her of ruining their lives and all these prosecutors trying to make her face punishment for all of her dastardly crimes so she has returned home to see her mother, Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson.

The ANTLs plus Bonnie and Frank are gathered in Casa Keating. Laurel comes in late, thinking she’s just there to receive her daily dose of verbal abuse from Annalise, but grows uncomfortable when she realizes everyone is freaking about Annalise being gone. Laurel takes Frank aside and admits that last night, she showed up at Casa Keating to accuse Annalise of sending Frank to kill Lila, of ruining everyone’s lives, and being responsible for 9/11.

Laurel asks Frank if maybe that’s why Annalise disappeared. This triggers a flashback to that hotel hook up from last episode. Here I thought it was just another excuse for Charlie Weber to have another shirtless scene but it turns out that it actually did have a point; the Hotel Hook Up specifically picked him up to bribe him into betraying Annalise.


Speaking of whom, Annalise is having a good time at her mom’s house–well, as good a time Annalise can have when she’s surrounded by happy, uncomplicated people. Annalise refuses to answer questions from her relatives as to why she’s back in town and gets quiet when she notices her uncle wearing one of Sam’s old suits.

Not gonna lie, I’d be creeped out seeing someone wearing the clothes of my dead husband too. Especially, if I helped my interns, who accidentally killed him, cover up the crime.

But the real awkwardness happens when Annalise’s father arrives to the party.

“How you doing, Anna Mae?” he asks, desperately trying to ignore the awkwardness.


“Screw you, Dad. I’m going to my room.”

The man’s probably got a bad hip and everything but Annalise still doesn’t trust him to skip out on the family–again. Special Guest Star Cicely Tysn and Annalise’s sister Celestine tell her to quit being a hater and let them become one big happy family again.

Back at Casa Keating, Wes reveals to Laurel that his father is possibly Charles Mahoney and that he wants to start off another Angsty Investigation to see if it’s true. Laurel advises him against it–for his sake and the audience at home who has to watch him pout and stare listlessly at newspaper articles. Frank gets jealous of Laurel and Wes whispering to each other and has another flashback where he secretly plants a bug in Annalise’s hotel room after his daily verbal lashing and then sits in his  room to count the cash the Hotel Hook Up gave him.

Nate bursts into Casa Keating to warn everyone that the police are arranging a warrant for Annalise’s arrest. What the charges are, he doesn’t know. Oliver, eager to prove his usefulness around the office, offers to hack into the police servers to find out what is is. Connor is opposed, pointing out that the last time Oliver did his IT Magic, they pissed off Creepy Phillip. Bonnie agrees that for once, they need to let the police do their work and not try to sabotage them.

Nate still goes to Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson’s house to warn Annalise about her impending arrest. Annalise refuses to leave and tries to send Nate away but then Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson spies Nate’s muscles and insists that he stay for dinner so she can stare at him get to know him.


“Now Anna Mae may have told you that I’m seeing someone but it’s totes casual, I swear.”

Nate gets along well with Annalise’s family. Annalise can’t decide if she’s annoyed or pleased so she just keeps on drinking. The table conversation quickly turns to children and Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson complains how none of her children have given her grandbabies yet. Annalise later confesses that she and Sam were about a have a baby ten years ago but then Annalise got into a car accident.


Well, turns out that accident wasn’t really an accident. Hotel Hook Up was working for Charles Mahoney and she gave him the heads up that Annalise was going to try to turn him into the police. “Take care of it,” Mahoney tells Hotel Hook Up. Hotel Hook Up decides to take the attempted murder route and arranges a car to hit Annalise.

Jeez, these people ever hear of talking their problems out?

Back at Casa Keating, Oliver goes rouge and hacks into the police database anyway. He finds Annalise’s police warrant, but it’s redacted. Michaela suggests that maybe it’s because someone is snitching on Annalise. Oliver checks the security footage to see if he can track down the rat and he and the other ANTLs are shocked to discover who it is…

Oh, and Micheala and Asher almost hook up again but then she calls it off because she feels too guilty about cheating on Caleb. “We’re not those people,” she tells him.


“Are you sure we couldn’t try to be?”

Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson wakes up Annalise in the middle of the night so she can write a farewell letter child to her baby and cry on camera for her Emmy reel. She also gets an ansgty, tension-filled scene with her father to really bring the gold home.

Michaela calls Annalise and informs her that Caleb is the snitch. However, Annalise doesn’t seem surprises. She goes to the assistant prosecutor’s office and gives him a flash drive given to her by Creepy Phillip. You see when Creepy Phillip broke into Wes’s apartment and tackled her, he was trying to give her info to help her case. I know, the guy needs to work on his communication skills.

Anyway, the flash drive contains data from the fitness tracker Caleb was wearing on the night of his aunt’s murder which proves he killed her. Plus, Nate meets with Catherine who admits that she and Caleb were having an incestuous affair and she actually provided a fake alibi for Caleb on the night of their parent’s murder. The assistant prosecutor still wants to fry Annalise but it’s hard to do so when Creepy Phillip walks into the police station and turns himself in, offering to help build a case against Caleb.

Except it’s going to be hard to prosecute Caleb since he’s dead in a bathtub in Casa Keating. Was he really the killer or was this Annalise just pulling her puppet strings?

Anyway, let’s wrap this season up: in a flashback, Frank confesses to Sam his role in causing Annalise’s accident and Sam forbids him from telling Annalise so she won’t feel an guilt. And then of course, Sam uses this dirty little secret to blackmail Frank into killing Lila for him. See, I always knew Sam was behind Lila’s death. I don’t know why were are pretending like this is some shocking twist. Anyway, Annalise fires Frank in light of this information.


Oliver hides Connor’s acceptance letter from Stanford Law School and Wes goes to New York to confront his possible father. Before he can even say, “Hey Dad, it’s me!” an unknown sniper shoots Charles Mahoney in the head.

Guess Wes will never get to play catch with his dad or any other fun father/son bonding activities.

See you guys in season 3! Let’s take bets on what the flashbacks will surround on:

  • Charles Mahoney’s death
  • A new case with very extremely attractive defendants for the single ANTLs too hook up with
  • A terrorist attack on Grand Central–wait, that’s a different Shondaland show.

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