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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise decided to frame Catherine Hapstell and Creepy Phillip for the Hapstell parents’ murders
  • Asher’s father committed suicide after Emily Sinclair brought a corruption case against him
  • Angry, Asher ran her over and became the newest member of the “How To Get Away With Murder Club”
  • Annalise decided to cover up two crime scenes with one stone and also framed Catherine for Emily’s murder
  • To finish things off, she told one of the ANTLs to shoot her in the stomach. When no one would do it, Annalise revealed to Wes that she had been lying about Rebecca all season
  • Furious, Wes shot Annalise in the stomach
  • A flashback in the last finale revealed that Annalise may know why Wes’s mother killed herself


Those are the first words Annalise breathes as she lays on the ground, bleeding.


A shocked Laurel takes the gun away from Wes and when Michaela walks in, she thinks Laurel shot Annalise. “I have never fired a gun before!” claims Laurel, to explain the severe bullet wound. The cops are on their way and the ANTLs hurriedly get rid of the gun. Wes takes it and the group splits up.

Two weeks later (which I guess is our present now), Bonnie takes Annalise home from the hospital. Bonnie is reluctant to leave Annalise alone but Annalise insists she can take care of herself. She asks about the other ANTLs, especially Wes. “The kids are fine,” Bonnie lies. Wes, unsurprisingly, is moping in his apartment. The kids has had a rough year: his girlfriend is dead, his study group is basically a cult, his semi-maternal mentor figure is the sketchiest person alive, and he shot his law professor right after midterms.

Laurel, who is still Bonnie 2.o, comes over to his apartment to give him a pep talk. “You think you’re the only one this has been hard on? Think about Asher–what’s he’s going through right now,” snaps Laurel. “And think about the rest of us–now we have to spend even more time with that douchebag and we can’t say anything because now we know he’s capable of murder!”


“My angst just increases.”

Laurel takes Wes to a dinner at Frank’s apartment where Frank and the ANTLs are having a dinner party/study group. “Exams are in a month,” explains Michaela. “Or maybe he’s been distracted by all the murders,” quips Connor.

Back at Casa Keating, Annalise takes a painkiller induced nap and is rudely interrupted when a hysterical immigrant woman knocks on her door. The woman hands Annalise a crying baby. “You survived even after you were shot because you are strong and he needs you,” sobs the woman. “You can take care of each other.” Annalise is freaked out by this stork delivery.


Hey, that’s the same expression I make when I am forced to assume sudden responsibilities!

Asher is nervous about that statement he made at the police station two weeks earlier. No, it turns out he didn’t snitch on Annalise–he tried to convince the police that his father committed suicide. Bonnie assures him that the police are just gathering advice.  Connor overhears and is not pleased at the possibility of Asher talking to the police. “He’s not going to betray the people who protect him,” assures Bonnie. “Meaning I am?” demands Connor.

Well if the shoes fits…

Annalise calls Bonnie to help her babysit but it turns out Bonnie could have stayed exchanging passive aggressive barbs with Asher. The baby is only a painkiller induced hallucination, but Annalise doesn’t realize it even after Bonnie gently tries to explain. Uh-oh. Annalise is supposed to be a key witness at the Hapstell preliminary hearing so the ANTLs attempt to turn in a written statement on her behalf. Unfortunately, the prosecutor insists on having Annalise herself testify.


Annalise’s high finally wears off and she is able to ask about the whereabouts of her real baby: Wes. Laurel reports to Annalise that Wes is fine, but Annalise doesn’t believe her and she shouldn’t. Wes is laying around in his apartment, watching coverage of the Hapstell trial, and and holding the gun he used to shoot Annalise with.

Meanwhile, Asher has taken to hanging out with Connor and Oliver. Well, I use the term “hanging out” loosely. Asher just sits around their apartment, drinks their alcohol, and talks about how his dad’s suicide was totally a coverup for a murder. Still, Connor makes it their mission to keep Asher entertained so he won’t go to the police. Oliver is unhappy.


“I joined the ANTLs for this?!”

At Bonnie’s urging, Nate visits Annalise. He asks if she wanted to die the night she was shot and questions her state of mind. “I want to know you, I do,” he says. “But not like this.” Annalise doesn’t answer his questions and sends him away.

At the courthouse, the ANTLs run into Caleb Hapstell, who is not pleased that his sister is going down for the murders. “Catherine did this,” Michaela insists trying to convince him to go along with the established story. “You all belong in hell,” says Caleb disgustedly as he enters the courtroom.

As Annalise takes the stand, Catherine’s new lawyer points out there is evidence that Emily Sinclair was injured before she was pushed off the balcony at the Hapstell mansion. The lawyer demands to know if Annalise saw Catherine attack Sinclair or even knows for sure if Catherine shot her. Annalise then switches the topic to declare that Catherine Hapstell didn’t kill her parents. By doing this, Annalise just broke her attorney-client privilege with the Hapstell siblings, got her testimony stricken, and confused a whole court room for nothing.


“Seriously, what what the point of Annalise showing up here?”

However, this was all part of Annalise’s Grand, Convoluted Master Plans. “Everything I said up there is gonna make Catherine out to be a victim.” she tells Caleb in a secret meeting. She convinces Caleb that they need to make it look like poor sweet Catherine was manipulated by Creepy Philip into killing/attempting to kill people. Caleb relays the plan to his sister and she announces in court that yes, she shot Annalise but she only did it because Creepy Phillip drugged her!

I don’t know what drug makes people shoot other people but Catherine is able to strike a plea bargain and get off with light prison time and everyone gets away with Sinclair’s murder.

Bonnie congratulates Annalise on another one of her shady victories and admits she is worried about Annalise. ‘Yu wanted to die that night, didn’t you?” she asks.

Once again, Annalise avoids the question and heads home, where she finds Wes asleep in her bed. He had been rummaging through her things, trying to find information on “Christophe”, and was tempted to commit suicide with Annalise’s painkillers. “You knew my mother, didn’t you?” he asks.


A flashback reveals that ten years earlier, Annalise met Wes’s mother, Rose, at a playground. Annalise was pregnant and the two women struck up a conversation about raising children. Wes demands to know more, but Annalise sends him away.

After Wes leaves, Annalise hears the crying baby again. Instead of freaking out or calling a baby sitter, she picks up the baby and holds him.

It’d be a sweet scene if we didn’t know this was the beginning of a mental breakdown.

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TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder

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