How to Get Away with Murder: Everything is Annalise's Fault Apparently

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Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • Creepy Phillip has been spying on the ANTLs and threatening to leak security footage from the night of Emily Sinclair’s death to the police
  • Annalise struck a deal with the assistant district attorney for immunity in exchange for handing over Creepy Phillip’s emails
  • Wes still wants to know how Annalise knows his mother and went to go visit Eve Rothlow in New York to find more info
  • Annalise showed up at Wes’s apartment to talk and realized Creepy Phillip was in there!
  • Oh yeah, and Laurel broke up with Frank because there can only be one murderous person in a relationship at a time and I guess Laurel is calling dibs or something.

The episode picks up where we left off last week with Annalise being tackled to the ground by Creepy Phillip, moments after she told Eve Rothlow over the phone to call the cops. Eve hears the sounds of Annalise struggling and quickly orders Wes to call the cops. I don’t know how that will work since Wes is in New York and needs to alert the the police in Philadelphia but it doesn’t matter because Annalise manages to get away.

Eve and Wes meet her at the police station and they go back to Casa Keating together. The other ANTLs haven’t seen Wes in awhile and they are immediately suspicious of him, especially since his return to the cult of Annalise coincides with Creepy Phillip’s reappearance. Nate arrives and announces to everyone that Caleb has gone missing. Michaela is devastated and points out that if they had let Caleb in on the loop, maybe they could have protected him.  “This is all your fault!” she cries at Annalise.


Annalise is unbothered and why shouldn’t she be? The woman has spent the last twenty odd years avoiding responsibility for her part in devastating actions. We flashback to the aftermath of Rose’s suicide as Annalise and Eve watch an FBI agent gently ask young Wes about the circumstances of his mother’s death. Eve is horrified that their pressure on Rose to testify drove her to kill herself but Annalise insists that Rose made her choice herself. Similarly, she shifts the blame when Mr. Mahoney visits Annalise’s hotel room to yell at her for letting their star witness die. Annalise accuses Mr. Mahoney of forcing Rose to lie on the witness stand.

“I am the one person who know that you were on your way to talk to Rose right before she died,” he warns. “You talk to me like that again and you’re fired!”


“Is that a promise?”

Back in the present, Nate and Eve argue over whether or not the police are doing enough to protect Annalise. Annalise snaps that she is not a chew toy for them to fight over and they better start getting along now if they ever want to have that ratings-sweep threesome together. Eve prepares to go back to New York, much to Wes’s dismay. Annalise promises Wes that they will sit down and hash this thing out (finally!) when all of the Creepy Phillip drama is over. Which will probably be never, but Annalise has got to rein in Wes before he goes off in another angst-fuled investigation.

Bonnie interrupts to announce that the assistant district attorney wants to interview all of the ANTLs about the video footage despite the immunity deal. The ANTLs keep their mouths shut during the interviews, but Asher feels guilty that they are all being interrogated over something he started. “This started with Lila,” corrects Bonnie. “The person who killed her is the one who should blame themselves.”

Frank is not pleased with the shade being thrown his way and he corners Bonnie in the basement and remind her that she killed Goth Girl so she’s not exactly on the moral high ground here. As they exit the basement, Annalise spots them.

“What, are you two banging now?” she sighs.

God I hope not. Luckily for us, Frank/Bonnie wasn’t the shocking hook up this episode. More on that later.

Wes is mad at Laurel for hiding the page in the police report that suggests he killed his mother from him. Dang. I was hoping after their kiss, they would get together.

In the flashback, Annalise yells at Frank, Frank has sex with a random lady to work out his anger, and then he and Annalise make up. I don’t understand the point of these scenes other than to demonstrate that even with a tragic haircut, Frank can still get laid.


“It’s the beard. The beard keeps the ladies coming–pun intended.”

In more relevant flashbacks, Annalise attempts to convince Eve to slip to the police that the Mahoney family was pressuring Rose to lie on the stand. Eve does a total 180 from earlier and shrugs that bad things happen to people all the time and Annalise should stay out of it. But Annalise is stubborn and decides that she’ll talk to the police herself. On her way to meet the FBI agent about the Mahoney case, Annalise gets hit by a car. Although she survives, her baby is stillborn. It’s a really heartbreaking scene and you can see Viola Davis’s second Emmy all over it.


Anyway, Asher gets called in for an interview as well. Turns out someone saw him in the parking garage on the day of Emily Sinclair’s murder and the assistant district attorney put two and two together. Asher doesn’t slip up, but is still worried when he returns to Casa Keating to hang out with the other ANTLs. Oliver stops by with food and Laurel implies that Annalise framed Catherine Hapstell. Oliver is shocked and tells the ANTLs that they need to go to the police.

Everyone suppresses giggles and the urge to gently pat Oliver on the head whilst saying, “You poor, sweet summer child.”

Annalise is drinking in her office and Bonnie attempts to get her to stop, reminding her that the ANTLs are terrified about going to jail. Annalise would rather get the gossip on what Bonnie and Frank were talking about so Bonnie lies and says they were talking about Wes. She tries to ask about Annalise’s connection to him, but this only enrages Annalise and she kicks everyone out of her house in a drunken rage.

The ANTLs head to a local bar. Asher and Michael bond over their terrible dancing and Oliver takes Connor aside to talk about their relationship. Oliver admits that he doesn’t like the secrets between them and since Connor won’t confess any, he will. Oliver announces that he quit his job and wants to work for Annalise. “Ollie, you don’t want to work for her,” warns Connor but Oliver doesn’t listen.

They hit the dance floor with Asher and then quickly get into a make out session, much to Asher’s dismay.


“Guys? Guys? Are we still dancing? I just asked the DJ to put on the electric slide. Guys?”

Wes is the only ANTL who is allowed to stay in Casa Keating and Annalise finally explains how she knew Rose. However, Wes thinks she is lying since it’s a pretty simple explanation for the convoluted hoops Wes had to jump through. I sort of agree–this season long reveal has been a let down, even with the hints that the Mahoney family are some sort of mustache twirling dastardly villains.

Speaking of the Mahoney villain, a flashback shows Annalise accusing Mr. Mahoney of raping Rose and fathering Wes, which explains why Rose was so afraid to testify. With this added information, Wes finally believes Annalise and sets out to find more about the Mahoney family.

Grrreaaaaat. Another angsty investigation for Wes to go on.

Speaking of angst, Michael and Asher drunkenly hook up  because they are both lonely and sad. I was about to joke about the do-si-do patterns of hooking up within this cast but, uh, it was actually kinda hot and I can see the chemistry.


This is the same guy who dressed up in a dino outfit and handed out pizza bagels last episode.

 Laurel stops by Annalise’s house to cry and accuse her of starting all of this drama and ruining their lives. Damn, I hope Annalise doesn’t bother turning her sprinklers on anymore. She can just water her lawn with the tears of her interns. But anyway, Laurel strikes a nerve and Annalise goes to see her mother aka Special Guest Star Cicely Tyson.


Get ready for a season finale filled with crying, yelling, drinking, and passive aggressiveness–oh wait, that’s every episode in this show.

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