How to Get Away with Murder: Poor Communication Kills

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Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • We found out how Annalise knows We’s mother, Rose! Annalise represented a client who wanted Rose to be his alibi. Rose chickened out and presumably, the client had her whacked as punishment. Or did they?
  • Laurel found a police report that claims Wes is the killer!
  • I think everyone is still panicking about Phillip’s blackmail? I don’t know.
  • I’m kinda over this Hapstell case business. Can the ANTLs hurry up and accidentally kill someone else?

Wes goes back to that doctor he yelled at when he got confined to the psych ward and tells her all about his emotions about his mother’s case. Wow. I can’t believe someone in this TV Universe is finally dealing with their emotions healthily. Meanwhile, Laurel confronts Annalise about the police report and demands to know if Wes was the killer. Annalise insists it was just a suicide, but Laurel has put on her tin foil hat on. “Don’t tell me I’m supposed to believe that after how much we’ve proved police lie all the time!” says Laurel.

“Touche,” says Annalise. Still, she refuses to give Laurel any additional info and adds that if Wes has questions, he can ask Annalise directly.

However, Wes has decided to ask the psych ward doctor to check his repressed memories instead. Flashback time! Rose gets hauled in by ICE and Eve Rothlow is her lawyer.

In the present, Annalise teaches her class about lies of omission. Wow, I almost forgot Annalise is supposed to be a professor. Sometimes I think this show is about a lawyer who took in five well-dressed twenty-somethings, assigns them light work, and regularly berates them. Anyway, in class, Laurel thinks about how mad she still is at Fran about his lies of omission while the other ANTLs worry about Phillip. He sent Connor another stalker video from that morning and now they’re all trying not to panic. Annalise takes Connor’s laptop to the prosecutor on the Hapstell case and offers the stalker videos to help the police track down Phillip…in exchange for blanket immunity on the night of Emily Sinclair’s death.

“Why would you need immunity for that?” asks the prosecutor.



Luckily for Annalise, the prosecutor agrees to the deal without even watching the videos.

Unfortunately for Wes, Dr. Psych Ward actually wants to get in-depth and address the source of his problems–namely, his semi-maternal relationship with Annalise. Wes is all, “Haha you know what? Why am I dwelling on the past? It’s been a long enough time; what’s done is done!” and runs out of the doctor’s office.

As Annalise waits on approval for her immunity deal, Nate calls and gives a heads up that police are being dispatched to her house to search it for any evidence. Annalise alerts the ANTLs in front of the prosecutor and orders them to shred evidence. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Dang, Annalise. Isn’t the type of thing you text on the DL? You are just being flagrant about your rule breaking now!” This is actually part of Annalise’s long game: the prosecutor is outraged that Annalise is attempting to tamper with evidence that he orders the police to bust in and get ready to arrest for him. Meanwhile, the ANTLs block the emergency search warrant from being signed so that when the police entered Casa Keating and start rifling through files, they could stand there and smugly inform the police the whole search was illegal.

Annalise threatens to sue the prosecutor for abuse of authority unless he confirms her immunity deal. He reluctantly agrees.

In a flashback, Eve goes to Annalise’s hotel room to report that Rose has agreed to hire Eve as her attorney. Eve is disappointed to see Annalise is pregnant–she didn’t wear her shortest black dress just to go to Ohio and do an ex-girlfriend a favor!


“I thought make-up sex was going to be on the room service menu.”

They argue over whether or not Annalise is a lesbian (“Or bisexual!” I yell at my TV but no one hears me) and have a heart to heart about their relationship. Conversation turns to Rose, whom they hope scared enough with their immigration threats into testifying in the Mahoney case.

Since Asher is the only person not being targeted by Phillip’s threats, his apartment is made a “safe house” for the ANTLs and he hosts a slumber party to welcome them into his house. He makes pizza bagels and everything. Man, Asher isn’t so bad after all. He should talk less and make pizza bagels more. In their own back-handed snarky way Connor and Michaela admit that they will miss each other if he ends up transferring to another law school.

Wes decides to go to Annalise’s and finally just ask about the dealio about his mother’s death but she isn’t there. He wanders around her house and finds the page from the police report Laurel hid from him–you know, the one that suggests he is a killer?


Annalise really needs to lock her doors.

Wes goes back to the psych doctor panicking that he might have killed his own mother and not even remembered it. The psych doctor tries to calm Wes down but he is not having it. He should take a chill pill because flashbacks reveal that no, Wes didn’t kill his mother. He just happened upon her as she lay dying . But Annalise is seen fleeing the scene! Wait, did she kill Rose?

Okay, you know what? We did that whole confusing “whodunnit?” flashbacks thing in season 1 so let me just deliver it straight: Rose tried to get out of dodge with Wes in tow but Wes was an angsty 12 year old so he ran away from home. Mr. Mahoney met with Annalise and scolded her for almost letting Rose get away. Annalise promises to deliver Rose on the witness stand and tries to get Rose to just show up and deliver the alibi. Rose hints that the Mahoney people are more dangerous than they seem and she slits her own throat so she’ll never have to testify. Annalise runs away from the scene just as Wes comes home and finds his mother dying.

In the present, Laurel cries at Annalise for excluding Wes from the whole Phillip blackmail deal so Annalise finally goes over to Wes’s to have a heart to heart. Eve calls Annalise and reports that Wes has tracked her down and wants to talk about his mother. However, Annalise tells Eve to just call the police–no, not on Wes. Someone is inside Wes’s apartment!

Annalise tries to run away but then Creepy Phillip jumps out from his hiding place and tackles her.

And that kids is why you should always lock your doors.

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TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder

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