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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise is claiming (well, should I say “claiming” when it’s technically the truth?) to be an alcoholic as a last ditch effort to keep her university job.
  • Laurel discovered Frank killed Bonnie’s abusive father and reported it to her. Laurel also admitted that she knows where Frank is, but Bonnie tells her to keep mum about that.
  • In the flashforward, Casa Keating burned down and Annalise is the prime suspect. One person is dead and the lone survivor is a pregnant Laurel. Since there are three weeks until the midseason finale, Laurel’s baby daddy should be revealed soon. My money is on either Frank or Wes, but this could also be a wacky artificial insemination mix up a la Jane the Virgin.
  • It’s probably Frank or Wes though.

Let’s learn how to get away with murder, folks!


Again, the flash forward for this episode doesn’t give us any new clues. Meggy updates Oliver and Bonnie on Laurel, who’s still hanging in there. Bonnie privately takes a mysterious phone call, saying, “I know. I’m on it. Please try to trust me.” Bonnie also informs the caller that Laurel is pregnant.

Was that Annalise using her phone call? Or is Bonnie working for someone else?

In the present day, Bonnie makes funeral arrangements for her father. There’s no package for sexually abusive and traumatizing fathers, so Bonnie just goes with a cremation. Laurel calls to check in on how Bonnie is doing and if she’s seen Frank. Bonnie says no, but Frank is waiting for her outside the funeral home. She thanks him for killing her father and they leave together.

Back at school, the ANTLs tease Wes for his upcoming meeting with Meggy’s father. Connor believes Wes should dump Meggy, saying that none of them are fit to date “civilians” since they’re all too messed up from their various murder pacts. He proposes becoming a “throuple” with Wes and Laurel.

That. my friends, is the sound of a thousand fan fic writers running to their computers.

That. my friends, is the sound of a thousand fan fic writers running to their computers.

Insensitive Drake interrupts their conversation to offer to share notes for class, but when Connor opens Insensitive Drake’s folder, it’s just a photocopy of his ass. The ANTLs are not amused, and Insensitive Drake taunts them, saying, “Why don’t you go tell your mommy? Oh that’s right, she’s suspended.”

Looks like Annalise’s “I’m an alcoholic” defense wasn’t strong enough to secure her job. Since she’s not working that 9 to 5 anymore, Annalise goes to the beauty shop to get her hair did. Mary J. Blige is Annalise’s stylist and the women at the beauty shop, although friendly, lecture Annalise for breaking up with Nate and always being unhappy.


“Thankfully, there are no awkward singing breaks.”

In his motel room, Bonnie confronts Frank about shooting Mahoney in front of Wes. Frank explains that he did that to send a message to Annalise not to come after him. Bonnie points out that Frank made Wes a suspect in Mahoney’s shooting, and that’s why Annalise went after him. You can’t kill a guy in front of her pseudo-son and not expect her to do anything.

Frank finally realizes the stupidity of his move. “Maybe Sam was wrong about me,” he says. “None of this would have ever happened if they just left me in there.”

“There” is the prison that Frank has been in and out of since he was thirteen in 2005. Frank’s family knew Sam and asked him to help with Frank’s parole hearing. Sam felt sorry for Frank and his gorgeous boy-band hair and convinced Annalise to take on Frank’s case. Annalise was reluctant, since Frank was committing petty infractions that would jeopardize his parole. “Only a moron commits these kinds of infractions,” she says.

“I’ve always been kind of a moron,” Frank says.


A moron with great hair. Look at it. Justin Bieber wishes that was his hair.

Annalise call to check in on Bonnie, who claims she’s finishing funeral arrangements. She suggests that Annalise go to an AA meeting, and Annalise does. It’s awkward since it’s her first time, and she’s not really ready to get honest. It gets even more awkward when she realizes President LaGuerta is also there. Annalise confronts her about the suspension and threatens to sue, but President LaGuerta scoffs. “Stop fighting, Annalise. It’s not cute anymore,” she says.

Insensitive Drake crows about Annalise’s suspension as the ANTLs debate whether they should be worried or not. Oliver is nervous because he might lose his super-cool job of illegally hacking stuff and getting away with murder, but Connor and Laurel agree that maybe it would be best if Annalise lost her job. They could go back to being normal people and get a real education, not just lessons on how to cover up crimes.

At Casa Keating, Annalise makes an effort to get the alcohol out of her house and treat herself to a spa day. As she shaves her legs, she cuts herself and it reminds her of one of her miscarriages. She continues to have more memories of Sam—arguing about taking Frank’s case, struggling through their fertility issues, being a happy young couple filled with hope for their careers at the university—and it drives Annalise to dig out the vodka bottles from the trash.

"Forgot I have to empty these before recycling."

“Forgot I have to empty these before recycling.”

At the legal clinic, Insensitive Drake accuses the ANTLs of stealing his laptop, and tries to go through their bags to find it. Michaela calls him out for conducting an illegal search and seizure (glad to see she’s getting a legal education without Annalise!) and Insensitive Drake calls them spoiled rich kids. Michaela blows up and calls him a “spineless, tiny-balled, whiny excuse of man” and threatens to beat him up if he goes near anyone’s stuff.

And in that moment, nothing was the same for Insensitive Drake.

And in that moment, nothing was the same for Insensitive Drake.

Wes meets Meggy’s dad and we veer off into sitcom territory for a moment. Meggy’s Dad tries to interrogate Wes in that Papa Bear routine, asking, “Who are your parents? What do they do?” and Wes is all, “My mom died and I never knew my father because my boss’s lackey shot him in front of me,” and Meggy is all, “DA-AD. You’re embarrassing me!”

Annalise is having a slightly better night. She’s drunk and dancing around her living room in her robe and hugging a vodka bottle. It’s supposed to be a sad scene, but quite honestly, I think it’s safe to say that this is an ideal Friday night for most of us. Things do get pathetic when Annalise drunk-dials Nate and tells him how much better off he is without her.

Bonnie spends the night in Frank’s motel room and he proposes running away together. “We’d make cute babies, no?” he asks. “I mean, I have great hair and can grow an awesome beard. Our children will go far.” Bonnie doesn’t say anything, but later in the night, she comforts Frank after he has a nightmare remembering when he told Sam about killing his father when he was 13 [!] and Sam convinced Frank that he wasn’t a bad person.

She tells Frank that maybe they should move to Oregon, and the two have sex.

Wes stops by Casa Keating, where Annalise has kicked up her drunk dance party up a notch. She invites Wes to join her in dancing to NAO’s “Inhale Exhale”. “Heeeeeeyyyy, this is my song!” she tells him. Wes is not amused.

"It is too late for this type of foolishness."

“It is too late for this type of foolishness.”

Nate listens to Annalise’s drunk voicemail before he goes back to bed with Annalise’s rival D.A. Nate asks the D.A. to keep their hook ups on the down low since things went so badly when he dated Annalise. The D.A. gossips about how Annalise is claiming to be an alcoholic to get out of her suspension, and complains that Annalise always finds a way out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Michaela and Oliver reveal to the ANTLs that they did steal Insensitive Drake’s laptop. Michaela was just hoping to steal his class notes, but Oliver found proof that Insensitive Drake is the “Killer” Poster Culprit.

In a flashback, Annalise meets with Frank to begin work for his parole hearing, and is overcome by a bout of morning sickness. Flashforwards indicate that this is the baby she was pregnant with when Frank crashed his car into her.

Daaaaaaaaamn. No wonder Annalise hired that hit man. I would too.

Michaela and the ANTLs turn over Insensitive Drake’s computer to Annalise and try to figure out a believable excuse for how they found it. Annalise tells them that she’s not going to do anything. All this time they were worried that the police knew that they did, but it turns out it was just Insensitive Drake’s version of a diss track. However, she privately confronts him.

"I was born to make mistakes, not fake perfection!"

“I was born to make mistakes, not fake perfection!”

Annalise does put the fear of God into him and he stops teasing the ANTLs. Annalise also threatens President LaGuerta with a lawsuit for not finding the Killer Poster Culprit and offers to drop it if LaGuerta unsuspends her.

Wes takes Laurel aside and tells her that he’s breaking up with Meggy because he hates lying to her. He tells Laurel she should move on from Frank, but Laurel tells him that Frank isn’t gone and Bonnie is with him.

Ah, but she spoke too soon. Bonnie goes back to the motel room and Frank has fled again. Bonnie weeps. I guess she really did believe in their Bonnie and Clyde fantasy. Wes and Laurel don’t know this so they go to Annalise and confess that Bonnie and Frank are together. Just then, Bonnie returns to Casa Keating alone.

In the flashforward, Oliver calls Connor’s phone, but Michaela (who is with her Southern “white trash” family) answers. Oliver tells Michaela about Laurel’s pregnancy as a TV in the background reports that the Casa Keating fire has killed one unidentified male.

But who is it?

What We Learned About Getting Away with Murder:

  • Nothing. All the focus was on personal drama, so no good tips this week.

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