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Phil Buni follows up his look at the first season of House with this look at the show’s final (and worst) season. And remember: It’s never lupus.

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TV Show: House

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  • Thomas Stockel

    Couldn’t agree more. I quit watching before the Wilson-gets-cancer part, when House hid the fact that his wife received American citizenship. But the rest of season eight? Utterly indifferent to it. Honestly, I should have quit earlier but I guess I was watching out of habit. Bad habit.

  • msgundam2

    @ 2:35 House becoming Black Jack does sound cool.

  • chromesthesia

    OMG That cheesy version of I like Big Butts made me laugh so hard because it was so silly.

  • danbreunig

    House was originally the one medical show i could watch–because *it actually involved medical issues*.

    What gets to me is that this show had the potential to not fall into “drama before subject matter” trap, and it worked for a while. After seeing maybe one or two ERs or Grey’s A.s I never thought it was possible to do a medical show that was more about actual medical practice than soap plots about fighting couples and jilted lovers. This is why I normally don’t watch any soaps–there’s never closure about a situation (nearly always romantic relationship based) that even regular drama shows can wrap up in a hour. And when House started it was like a nice deep breath of something different–when it started.

    I had enough patience to actually enjoy this show, particularly since I took a brief small personal interest in the medical field at the time and looked forward to the fairly believable puzzles solved, with just enough drama to make it interesting. Great for the first two to three, even four seasons…and then, silly rabbit (me, Phil), I forgot what I was really watching: one more soap. What should’ve tipped me off though was cliche #53: any man and woman who hate each other four the first four to five seasons will eventually lay each other and maybe even get married before the show finally ends the one season after that. (There’s no marriage here but the cliche remains.) Other basic sharkjumpings were long-time famous characters suddenly killed off, introduced, switched around, redefined, and all played out. Plus I forgot about the Ally McBeal style hidden wall/door gag. But I soldiered on with the positive, to about season 6/7 and didn’t come back until the last four eps, just to please my curiosity about how they would wrap it up. I wish these rants of mine were as ballsy as yours.

  • Tim Terrell

    You shit on Season One. Then you skipped all the way to Season Eight and shit on it. Did you like anything about “House” at all? As someone who’s never seen an episode of the show, I would just assume you think it is a shit show. So why would you review two seasons of it?

    • Guest

      I told all the major positives during the first of these two episodes. I reviewed it for the same reason I review Glee episodes, I was disappointed and angry. Are…are you new around here?

      • Tim Terrell

        Major positives? Oh, that part that lasted about 10 seconds? I see. The fact Phil Buni was overwhelmingly negative and talked about nothing positive in the show, and didn’t review any good episodes makes this review incomplete. As a matter of fact, he kept calling out different seasons of the show shitting on them, without saying why he even continued watch the show.

        And what difference would it make if I was “new”? If you are indeed a producer of this show, do you have something against new viewers? Because *that* attitude ought to help you grow your viewership.

      • LindaMinda

        I like the fact that Bunny here is so awful he can’t even long on his own name (anymore?). It’s just generic ‘Guest’ for him, if it IS Phil. :-D

        But I’m being too harsh. Season 8 was bad, but I still think 7 was the worst.

  • Cristiona

    Not sure why you’re blaming Fox; they didn’t make the show (or produce it), they just aired it. They weren’t even the sole distributor (they shared that with NBC).