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As part of his special March Medical Madness, Phil looks at the first season of the hit FOX show House! Make sure to tune in next time, when House gets condemned in Phil’s review of season 8.

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TV Show: House

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  • Jason Withrow

    Was recently in a discussion where someone wondered if maybe the reason Watson was often portrayed as a bumbler during the Nigel Bruce era of Holmes adaptations, and here and there since, was because it makes Holmes looks smarter without actually having to go to the trouble of making Holmes a genius. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the source of Cuddy and Wilson’s sudden lapses into childishness (hell, everyone’s sudden lapses into childishness) at random throughout the plots: House just has to be smarter than the people next to him.

  • Sherlock Holmes’s addiction was to cocaine (in a 7 percent solution), not to opium. Opium was a much more common addictive drug in Victorian England, but Holmes bucked the trend, and went with the Bolivian Marching Powder.

  • The_Stig

    Yeah, if you’ve seen one episode of House, you’ve seen them all. Watch it for Hugh Laurie’s awesome awesomeness.

    • Cristiona

      To be fair, it was a police procedural shifted to a hospital. They’re always the same beats with different specifics. I mean, seen one episode of CSI or Law and Order and you’ve seen them all.

  • Soooooo…why exactly is the ending credits Glee blatantly ripping off Jonathan Coulton? Seems a bit random.

    • The_Stig

      Oh trust me. It wasn’t random at all.

    • It’s my way of telling my fans I’m aware that it happened.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Season three did have a new antagonist for house: Detective Tritter.

    I hated that guy.

    Don’t get me wrong; House sticking a thermometer up his rectum and just leaving the examination room was a dick move and he deserved some payback. But it went on, and on and on and Tritter seemed to have these, I dunno, cop super powers. He was able to set up shop in the hospital, mess with everyone’s lives, and he didn’t seem to be answerable to anyone. And then, in the end, House gets away without any consequences. Heck, even Wilson didn’t suffer any backlash from House forging his signature on his prescription pads to get Vicodin. It was a wasted season. It took an awesome season four, with House spending most of it recruiting a new staff to bring me back. I recall that was an abbreviated season as well due to a writer’s strike, so that may have helped.

    But yeah, season eight blew big time.

    • FullofQuestions1

      I’ve heard season 8 was bad, but I did like the final episode a lot, even if I spent half the episode going, “Who the hell are these people?”

      I used to be obsessed with the show, stopped watching it around the time that Masters showed up-she’s an annoying version of Cameron!

      I HATED Tritter. He may have been doing the right thing legally, but as you said, he messed things up for everyone, sinking to an even lower level than House. I do not however think that it was a wasted season- come on, we saw House punch Chase! It’s also a season I remember having a lot of good individual story lines.

      Doesn’t Amber also count as an antagonist?

      *Sigh*. I miss this show. I used to be obsessed with it in middle school, before it became all formulaic. It could be funny, it could be scary, it could be really sad (Simply Explanation still gets me). I thought seasons four and five were the best, personally. They had a lot of good individual story lines, and had gotten to the point in the show where the ongoing plot had gotten good but was not yet ridiculous.

      • Thomas Stockel

        Was Amber Cutthroat Bitch (House’s nickname for her.)? Because yeah, I liked Cutthroat Bitch a lot. I guess season three may have had some good stories, but three things worked against it: House is cured, then is un-cured in just a couple episodes. Tritter. Then the way they got rid of the three doctors. I think it would have made more sense to see the trio leave over the course of the season rather than all of a sudden House is alone. This is why I liked season 4 more; there felt like a lot more planning went into it.

    • Cristiona

      Yeah, that arc was just awful. It’s too bad because the actor was wonderful, it was just poorly conceived and written. The phrase “police harassment” comes to mind. And House getting away was such a bullshit copout. They’d clearly written themselves into a corner so they just had Cutty hand-wave it all away.

      Season 4 was great. Too bad they had to suicide Kutner out of freaking left field when Penn took a job at the White House. Seemed a little vindictive to me.

      • Thomas Stockel

        I agree entirely about how good an actor the guy player Tritter is, and you are right that killing off Kutner seemed vindictive. The man gets an opportunity to work for the President of The United States, that’s a huge deal. I think Fox could h…Oh, wait. Fox, liberal Democratic President. Never mind, I think maybe I see what may have happened there.

        • Cristiona

          Ehh. The cable news is right wing, and their print publications are, but you can’t really say the broadcasting network is. I mean, Glee isn’t exactly the darling of the right wing.

          • Thomas Stockel

            That’s a good point. The vindictiveness could have just pure pettiness without a political motive. Or the producers just had no clue whatsoever regarding how to write Kutner out of the show. If Kal Penn left too suddenly to appear in a farewell episode it is possible the producers felt their hands were tied and they had to come up with a dramatic exit.

            If it were up to me, I would have pulled a Happy Days and did what they did with Chuck Richie Cunningham’s brother; just pretend he never existed. ūüôā

  • FullofQuestions1

    Guys, if you’re interested in reviews about how medically accurate House Episodes are, this is a good read.

  • Alexa

    The actress, Jennifer Morrison, who played the girl assistant in the earlier seasons is actually pretty good on Once Upon a Time. Sure its an extremely corny show with really bad CGI, but you can see she has gotten better as an actress on the show, not great but better.

    • FullofQuestions1

      She’s also very good in How I Met Your Mother.

  • Patrick Walters

    Am I hearing “A Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction” from the Hellsing anime?!

  • I’ve been raised to dislike medical dramas for the same reasons cops (often) dislike cop shows: they’re really unrealistic and leave people expecting to go to the doctor/cop and walk out with magical resolutions, using techniques that simply cannot be used/aren’t accurate in real life. (My parents were both doctors, so…yeah. That’ll do it. ;)) Still, I hear House is the best of the genre.

    What mostly sticks with me in this review is the Glee rendition of “Baby Got Back.” I’ve never watched Glee, but from what I’ve heard about it and the few clips I’ve seen, I’ve never understood the hatred for the show.

    I understand it now.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Erm…. Sarah, I know what you mean. ^^

      I used to take journalism-classes in school, wrote for the schoo-newspaper and even had one internship at a local newspaper… however I love me some “Lois and Clark – the new adventures of Superman” or some “Smallville”, where the authors seem to think, that every journalist is very well versed in breaking and entering etc.

      Yes, thes series are highly unrealistic, however, I use to say: “You want realism? Look out the window. That is as real as it gets”.