House Of Cards Spoiler Parade Recap: Will The Real Matt Bai Please Stand Up?

Still hanging tough and watching “House of Cards”? Still trying to figure out what Frank Underwood’s long-term plan is? Haha it is world domination you don’t even need to watch the show to know that. Let’s dig into episode eight and yes, spoilers abound.

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The awkwardest moment in Native American-Frank Underwood relations


Frank has invited a band of Native Americans that is not Lanigan’s band to the White House to chat official federal recognition of their tribe. However, he forgot to take that pesky Andrew Jackson photo down from the room in which they are meeting. Big mistake. Big. Huge.

The part where we’re still not sure if Matt Bai is just playing himself

Over a few episodes of this season, there’s a plot where reporter Matt Bai (who is a real live actual factual person) from the New York Times Magazine has been lined up for a big interview with Claire, but stuff keeps getting rearranged. We have oh so many questions about this, namely:

1) Is Matt Bai actually played by Matt Bai?

This is “House of Cards” Matt Bai.


This is real-life Matt Bai.


Help us out here, internet, because googling isn’t getting us anywhere in determining if he plays himself.

2) If Matt Bai is being played by Matt Bai, were these episodes shot before Matt Bai bailed on the Times to go to Yahoo?

Bai departed the Times for the drowning yet incredibly cash-rich Yahoo back in November 2013, so we are dying to know if these scenes were filmed with the Times’s approval back when he was still there, or if he slyly lent his name to a character still at the Times after he bailed.

Claire’s toughest moment


Claire finally shows her tough side, as opposed to her icy cold killer side, by pushing around a young terrified girl and bullying her into being interviewed about Claire’s military sexual assault bill. It goes without saying that we would happily be pushed around by Robin Wright any day of the week.

Hang tight for more. This show’s got sub-sub-plots you haven’t even seen yet.

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