Here Is Your Hot Hot Double-Sided Donald Trump On Donald Sterling Action

Were you following the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a terrible racist and a terrible human story and thinking “I sure hope Donald Trump provides some valuable insight on this matter”? Lucky ducky, he did, because there is nothing about which Donald Trump does not think he is an expert. Does Donald agree with Donald? Oh hell yes.

“She’s called the girlfriend from hell, but what he said was terrible and despicable and very strong action is going to be taken. There’s no question about it,” Trump said of Sterling’s girlfriend, who has been identified as V. Stiviano. “She’s a terrible human being and he gave horrible answers and disgusting answers.”

We are not really sure what she did that was terrible? To be sure, it is terrible that she was the mistress of Donald Sterling, because the idea of putting up with Donald Sterling’s wizened old hands and member is enough to make us Silkwood-scrub our brains out, but The Donald means that she baited him into being racist fuckwit. Either that, muses Trump, or Other Donald might just be so out of it that she is somehow manipulating his fragile mind.

“He could be pretty much out of it in terms of his whole mentality,” he said. “The whole thing is so crazy, and the way she led him along — he should know if he were there, if he was with it, he would know after one or two of those questions that she was asking that there is something going on here.”

Man, The Donald is one smooth talker, isn’t he? That is a super coherent sentence that is really easy to understand! We think Trump means that the girlfriend should have somehow known that if Sterling just went full racist she should stop him because he was out of it? Is there some form of mental illness that makes you perfectly able to function as a bazillionaire sports franchise owner but wander off into talking smack about black people? OH YES THERE IS IT IS CALLED BEING RACIST and that does not mean you are “out of it” — it just means you are horrible.

Trump went on to say that he does think Sterling should be expelled from the league, but only after getting his jabs in about the wicked wicked temptress who led Sterling astray and turned him into a racist, except for the part where he was already a total racist for forever.

Decades of racist policy renting housing in Los Angeles, which turned Sterling into a real-estate mogul wealthy enough to buy and run a professional sports team, didn’t elicit any such furor. […] Neither the league, nor the players, nor the sports media paid much if any attention to Sterling’s agreement in 2003 to pay upwards of $5m to settle a lawsuit brought by the Housing Rights Center charging that he tried to drive non-Korean tenants out of apartments he bought in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles. Only a few observers noted in 2006 that the Justice Department sued Sterling for allegations of housing discrimination in the same neighborhood. The charges included statements he allegedly made to employees that black and Hispanic families were not desirable tenants.

Isn’t it amazing that Stiviano could go back in time and make Sterling a racist landlord for years and years before she met him? That is one powerful seductress. If only Sterling had never met her, he’d be a shining example of tolerance and grace. Donald Trump is totally right. Bitch did indeed set him up.

[The Guardian/TPM/Politico]

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  • Doin’ Bristol’s mum

    Well, it is her fault that she does not know how to ask questions like a FOX journamalist. Doesn’t Trump U. have some courses for that?

  • Paul J

    You don’t think secretly recording a private conversation with someone you’re supposed to be intimate with, solely for the purpose of extortion, is reprehensible? Odd. Not that he isn’t a disgusting pig, but these two really do deserve each other.

    • gingerland62

      Some people get what they deserve.

  • Hammiepants

    I’m a Clipper fan, and live in LA, and everyone has known for years what a flaming asshole Sterling is, but this is beyond the pale. The suckiest part, of course, is that the Clips have been struggling for legitimacy for years, and are finally experiencing some success and are currently involved in a great playoff series, and this shit has to go down. I hope they throw the book at this ignorant fuck, but I don’t know how much the NBA can actually DO, short of fines/suspension.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

    • gingerland62

      She “caught” him being racist, (always the woman’s fault)..most misogynists are racists too, Donald.

  • $73376667

    Actually, the Guardian was asking Trump about his handwriting.(Oh, exploitable!)

  • NotConvinced

    In the picture it looks like Trump is Sterling’s penis head.

  • Not gonna watch…..but does Trump still look like the chia pet of a lazy botanist? Enjoy.