VIDEO: Hot Fuzz (2007)

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It’s the Agony Booth debut of the Cheap-Arse Film Review, the most Essex review show on the internet, where your host Liam Barrett AKA the Cheap-Arse Film Critic reviews films which have been purchased for one English Pound or less!

Liam celebrates one year of posting videos by tackling a true British film, Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s loving tribute to over-the-top buddy cop action films.

And if you’ve never heard of the Cheap-Arse Film Critic before now, here’s a highlight reel of his first year of reviewing movies!

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  • Michael A. Novelli

    Man, why you gotta point out that you made videos before you joined the site? That’s just bad manners!

    That’s what you could expect to hear on a certain different site, but not here. Welcome, Liam!

    • Liam Barrett

      Shhhhh, I don’t think anyone noticed.

      Thank you, Michael.

  • FASCIIIIIIST! *loads gun*

    • Liam Barrett


  • CBob

    Timothy Dalton makes awesome villains. I love his ability to chew scenery like a human combine harvester and still make you believe it.

    And yeah, I liked the variety he brought to the Bond Role. I think people didn’t like him because he wasn’t what they’d come to expect the character to be like, disregarding whether the new angles he brought to the role were good or interesting in their own right.

    • Liam Barrett

      Apparently he wanted to do EXACTLY what they’re doing with Daniel Craig right now. Right man, wrong time.

  • Jeff Bradford

    Perhaps the best POSITIVE movie review I’ve ever seen. Your delivery is brilliant, your narrative is melodic and your reactions are classic. I’m going to look for your other reviews.

    • Liam Barrett

      Thank you very much, sir.

  • Aw hell yes! Best murder-mystery-comedy-drama-horror-buddy-action-flick ever!!

    • Liam Barrett

      I’m also sure it’s a bit of a romance.

  • Cristiona

    Nah. It’s not stereotypical England. At least not from this American’s view. After all, there wasn’t a single monocle, tophat, or person drinking tea saying “Pip pip, cherrio!”

    However, you’re completely right about Dalton’s turn as Bond.

    • Liam Barrett

      I’m sure there’s tea in there somewhere…

  • Connie333

    Great review!
    Whenever I watch “Hot Fuzz” I can’t help wondering how giddy with glee Pegg and Frost were to be given actual guns to play with after those paintball and imaginary firefights in “Spaced”.

    • Liam Barrett

      I compare it more to the Resident Evil parody/homage they did in one episode, where Simon Pegg has said he felt so happy to be flipping around holding a big gun.

  • Mike

    You’ve done it again! Good job Liam!

    • Liam Barrett

      Cheers mate.

  • Kev

    Does Alex DeLarge know you’re squatting in his house?

    • Liam Barrett

      Well he didn’t until you POINTED IT OUT to him…

  • spiff2268

    Great review. I hope to see many more.

    Also, I’m gonna have to bone up on my British actors. Outside of Peg, Frost and Dalton, I didn’t recognize anybody.

    • Liam Barrett

      That’s a good base, though.

    • Gussie Jives

      Most people know Paul Freeman (Rev. Shooter) as the bad guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Stuart Wilson (Dr. Hatcher) as the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 3 and he had a bit role in The Rock as Gen. Kramer.

  • Mike

    You know….your monologue kinda reminds me of the narrative from Layer Cake.
    Which is very…um….strange.