RAW FEED: Horror Block Unboxing – February 2017 (Masked Slasher)

Masked Slasher unboxes the February 2017 Horror Block. Will there be a bloody valentine inside? This February box contained…

✪Mummy T-Shirt
✪S.T.A.R.S. replica badge (Resident Evil)
✪Poison Jar-mug
✪Silence of the Lambs beanie (WTF?)
✪Camp Crystal Lake Air Freshener (Friday the 13th)
✪Amity Island Swim Cluc pin (Jaws)
✪Phantasm Film Companion
✪My Bloody Valentine valentine postcard

⛧TRIVIA QUESTION: What’s the name of the town the original My Bloody Valentine was filmed in?

HorrorBlock, #Nerdblock,

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