Homer Simpson is smarter than Ted Mosby… and richer, too

Speaking of Friends, um, hello, they totally explained how Monica and Rachel could afford that oversized Manhattan apartment. Monica was illegally subletting it from her grandma, duh.

So this entire infographic is bullshit, ipso facto, QED.

Still, it’s kind of interesting to see which other sitcom characters are living above their means, housing-wise. It’s no surprise to see status-obsessed Frasier on the list , and Al Bundy blindly signing up for a mortgage that’s 100% of his meager shoe salesman salary sounds about right… But does Homer Simpson really make $6,500 a month?? Damn, Homey, no wonder Marge puts up with all of your shenanigans.


(The key to this infographic: the percentage on the pinwheel is how much of their monthly salary goes into their rent/mortgage. Anything above 30% is considered above your means.)


[Source: Movoto]

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