Homeland: The morning after

This week on Homeland, Saul makes Brett an offer he can’t refuse, and then Brett refuses. Carrie finds a new white knight who has some baggage, because doesn’t everyone? And David Wellington is once again weaselly.

Previously on Homeland, Carrie nearly killed the guy that stole her hard drive. He’s the same one so desperate for lurve he was willing to let her into his lair, which happened to be located a short drive away, or maybe not that short of a drive, as now it’s the morning after, and it looks like Carrie drove herself straight to the shrink’s office because even she knows she went a little too far. But who amongst us wouldn’t want to kill someone who stole our hard drive, and threatened to out us to the feds?


Carrie has managed to slip into the unsecured corridor outside of Meyer’s office. Given that shrinks are the doctors most likely to get killed by their patients, she might want to reconsider her security arrangements.

Carrie is her usual pleasant self, yelling at the doctor to “focus,” and dismissing the idea she might need medical treatment for the head wound she got hours before. She doesn’t tell her shrink that she beat a dude within an inch of his life, but does admit that her lithium has stopped working and she’s “not as risk averse” as she should be.

The doctor asks if she’s a danger to others. What will Carrie say? We don’t know because the camera cuts away after the lip quiver.

To be fair, she was probably more dangerous back when she was known as the Drone Queen.

Saul and many FBI cars go to the sovereign nation compound where Brett is hiding out. Saul heads towards the house alone and unarmed. FBI Agent Maslin who used to be Agent Harris of New Jersey tells him he’s nuts.

He had to change his name as part of the FBI’s witness protection for agents.

Back at Maggie’s, Carrie is berated by her sister for staying out all night. Carrie tells her she ran to Dr. Meyers, and admits being terrified that the lithium isn’t working. Meyers has given her Seraquel to “sedate” her and stop the manic cycle until they can figure out her new meds. Huggsies! Well, maybe not literally, but Maggie’s comfort zone is being the family rescuer.

Family! Because who else will take you in?

Back at the compound, O’Keefe comes out, but the kinfolk decline Saul’s offer to talk, telling him he needs to “think about it.” Saul tells him the roads are blocked, but the FBI stays back because nobody wants another Waco. Note to Saul: You might want to check if all the roads are blocked.

Saul then calls in to update Keane and David. They’re willing to let Saul negotiate anything “reasonable.” Afterward, David tells Keane they should maybe just drop all the charges against O’Keefe and end this, but Keane tells him O’Keefe is “a menace.” So no. And here we may ask: What the hell is David up to?

Then it’s time for Keane and David to meet with the military, who are pressuring her to stop an arms shipment coming in from Iran from going to Assad in Syria. Keane is a bit annoyed because they already told her about this, and she already reminded them that she got elected as the “just say no to war” candidate. Why don’t these generals understand that no means NO? It does not mean “just this once, let’s blow stuff up”.

Hey, just because you’re the President, that doesn’t mean the men are going to listen to you.

Back at the compound where the jackbooted federal thugs are not allowed, Brett is chatting with Big Daddy, who tells him that reinforcements may be on the way. But that’s impossible, right? Because didn’t Saul tell us the roads were blocked?

Carrie is woken from her med-induced slumber by a phone. No, not the phone by the bed, but some burner in her collection. She ignores it and goes back to sleep until there’s a pounding on the door. It’s Dante, and he’s got the goods on the mystery woman whose photo she sent him. Didn’t Dante literally push her out of his way because he couldn’t escape her clutches fast enough? That was so last week and the week before! This week, the plot calls for him to pull Carrie back in, even after she confesses to being bi-polar and in need of mo’ better meds.

It seems Dante has his own demons. He used to date a bi-polar woman who left him because he drank too much, which is a problem he now has “under control”, allegedly. Why did he drink? Boredom, of course, after Kabul. Looks like these two crazy kids have a lot in common.

Dante’s here because he tracked down the photo. The woman is Simone Martine. She’s French, so obviously up to no good. She and David have had an on-and-off thing for the past four years, plus she got a parking ticket not three miles from the West Virginia prison where General MacClendon had his “heart attack,” on the very day!

She looks like trouble.

And now, dear readers, let’s pause, for a little speculation: Simone works for an NGO called the International Democracy Foundation. That’s where she met David. Hmm. Could this organization have been founded by benevolent billionaire and Carrie’s former patron, Otto Düring?

No, his name hasn’t been mentioned since last season when we learned that Carrie met Keane in Europe at his house. Connect the dots, sheeple! He also showed up in episode 1 of season 6 for no good reason except to remind us that he’s still around. He’s meant to be a Soros-like figure; that is, if you’re a right-wing nut who believes that Soros is creepy and his do-gooding is a front. God knows they’ve painted him as creepy. Saul didn’t trust him, and we saw him convince Jonas that Carrie was a nutter, presumably to get him out of the way so he could swoop in and invade Poland and force her to love him. And doesn’t the name International Democracy Foundation sound a little like the name of Soros’ do-gooding organization, the Open Society Foundation?

Let’s just wait and see until after Carrie creates her crazy wall and all those lines lead to him. Or maybe this is what the writers want us to think, or they don’t know yet.

Over in the sovereign nation, Saul and Brett have a nice sit-down wherein Brett says he’s only guilty of exercising his first amendment rights, and Saul is like, give me a break. But Saul is not here to play bad cop, and doesn’t call Brett out for being neck deep in the conspiracy, but instead allows him to rant about the forgotten men and women whom he serves.

Saul might point out that if he does go to jail, it could lead to a White House job.

Carrie and Dante are watching Simone’s home, Mrs. Kravitz-style with binoculars because that never looks conspicuous. Simone leaves, and Carrie decides to break in because sure, but she orders Dante to follow Simone, so she’s on her own. What could go wrong?

Of course, Simone lives in a house, and there’s a first floor window conveniently unlocked, so Carrie climbs right in. Doesn’t everyone involved in a massive conspiracy make it really easy for anyone to break in? She probably left the door unlocked. Carrie finds the parking ticket, and copies Simone’s hard drive, because no one in the Homeland-verse believes in rudimentary computer security. There are also some photos of her and David, because people still print photos and Instagram hasn’t been invented yet.

Hey, remember Brett’s producer/assistant/girlfriend that keeps threatening to run? She’s doing it again. She also thinks Brett should give himself up because it’s not like he knew “anything about the plot to assassinate the president.” Awkward silence follows that one, and Brett tells her to unpack her bags, and stop with the crazy talk. He doesn’t trust Keane, whom Saul is on the phone with at this very moment, and reinforcements are on the way.

Carrie leaves Simone’s place feeling a little more like herself, but uh-oh, a police car is following her, and despite her being white and female, and even old enough to get ma’amed, it looks like she’s in trouble!

She went with a ridiculous story, which was still more believable than the truth.

Brett’s girlfriend, possibly deciding that she (a) doesn’t want to die in a firestorm and/or (b) doesn’t want to go to jail for a long time, runs out to warn the feds that something bad is about to happen, and a second later, a bunch of Aryan Nation types on motorcycles with lots of weapons (presumably) show up. And before you can say, “This happens to Saul a lot!”, he’s being taken hostage. Will he be forced to watch Big Daddy and one of the sister wives do the nasty? No, no such luck this time. The FBI is not having it, and the forgotten men who are just mad at the guv’mint for stepping over their Christian values let him go, but they don’t surrender, and hence the episode’s title, “Standoff”.

And it’s still only Saul’s first week at his new job.

Carrie is unable to convince the police not to arrest her. No matter what hard luck story she comes up with, they aren’t letting her go without her telling them her name. She waits around the police station for hours, or maybe it only feels like hours.

David tells Keane she needs “a show of strength” in Syria, and also a distraction from the Brett situation. Do we know how he even got the job? Oh, that’s right. Rob got blowed up! But seriously, who suggested him? Could it have been Otto Düring? Elizabeth tells him,“No, no way, non, and nyet.” And no wonder she’s a little nuts. Isn’t anybody in the White House on her side?

It’s nighttime and the FBI is staging the scene in front of the compound. There are Humvees, and lots of weapons. This is not the quiet ending Saul was looking for.

Carrie still hasn’t cracked. But only if by “cracked” you mean “given the cops her name”. Dante shows up and springs her, and is maybe a little too proud of himself for still “having some juice” in DC. The entire incident is going to disappear.

Over in the White House, David calls the general and tells him that the President has totally changed her mind, and sure, whatever option you want; just go blow something up, and she’ll be cool with it. The general first appears skeptical and says he needs to hear it from her, but David says she’s already asleep and if he waits until morning, she might change her mind again, because you know women. You’d think the general might be like, “No, seriously this is the military and we have protocols,” but instead, he accepts David’s launch code because this White House is a giant shitshow. And that my friends, is exactly how World War III will start, or maybe it’ll go the opposite way with Trump saying let’s surprise nuke North Korea, and then he’ll fall asleep in front of the TV, and Jared Kushner will call the joint chiefs to say, “Never mind.” (Or at least, we hope he’d tell them that.)

Meanwhile, Carrie is full of regret. If Dante hadn’t gotten her out of this, she might have lost custody again, maybe for good. But when she tells Dante she has a photo of the parking ticket and the contents of the hard drive, he tells her it wasn’t for nothing. He’s on her side. But do we trust him?

What are those lights in back of them? Is it Peter being a beacon?

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