Homeland: Somebody Said No to Carrie! (S5 E6 RECAP)

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This week on Homeland: Something we’ve never seen before! Two people say no to Carrie Mathison, and only one of them takes it back.

Remember when the Germans mentioned that the embarrassing document leak would mean vacating the convictions of some really bad terrorist types due to the evidence being obtained illegally? In case we forgot, it’s all included in the “previously on Homeland” segment, which gets longer every week or just feels that way. To make extra sure we get it, they’ll also remind us in other ways like having a television lady (not Laura) explain why said bad guys are free to do evil. Damn civil liberties! Someone really should start a “take back Germany” campaign allowing everyone to spy on each other and throw people in prison without due process or legally obtained evidence. This wouldn’t be a problem if we hadn’t gone all soft about extraordinary rendition and torture.


And in a further bit of propaganda, when Laura tries to interview the head evildoer, Hajek, he not only doesn’t thank her for his freedom, but also tells her to get lost. They’ve done everything they can to make sure we never feel sympathy for Laura because she is a total loser and useful idiot with bad hair. Homeland brought to you by the security state. Remember, freedom of the press lets the terrorists win.

Seriously, not even a thank you for getting you out of jail to do more terrible things?

“Seriously, not even a thank you for getting you out of jail to do more terrible things?”

In answer to last week’s big question: No, Carrie did not recognize Allison’s voice on the phone. Obviously the meds she was back on dulled her super-senses.

Picking up where we left off, Carrie and Saul’s chat doesn’t go the way Carrie thought it would. Saul is still holding that grudge about Carrie’s torpedoing his promotion – which she totally didn’t do because she says she didn’t do it. Plus, under Allison’s evil influence he still believes Carrie is palling around with hackers, and also he’s not too pleased about the whole giving Hamas a bucketful of cash thing. So when Carrie tells Saul that her name appeared on Quinn’s who-to-kill list and that the Russians are after her because there’s something in the documents they don’t want her (specifically) to see, he’s more than a little skeptical. And when she asks him to get her the documents off the server, he actually SAYS NO TO CARRIE MATHISON. She’s almost as shocked by this as we viewers are!

We will all remember where we were when Saul said no to Carrie.

We will all remember where we were when Saul said no to Carrie.

To make matters worse, when she returns to Quinn’s lair, she finds Jonas and no Quinn. Jonas tells her he checked hospitals and searched the trail of blood crumbs, but Quinn is gone and probably dead, as it was his wish to die to protect her – something that Jonas seems strangely unwilling to do. He tells her it’s time to end this “craziness” and go to the authorities, and that he’s going home and hopes she’ll come with. The implication is that if she doesn’t, they are over for really-realz this time.

Didn’t he already break up with her last week? Or the week before when she told him not to worry about his son being abducted, possibly by the same people who were after her? Plus cray-cray and war criminal?

Carrie tells him she needs “more time.” He starts to walk out that door, but not before reminding her again of Quinn’s sacrifice. Carrie says please, but he shakes his head in the negative and tells her, “Yeah. That’s it. I’m done.” Even when he says no to her, he says it with a “yeah.”

So is that done as in done done?


Speaking of people who just refused to do something for Carrie, when Saul gets back to his hotel room, he notices that just as Carrie had told him, he seems to be under surveillance. He may be rethinking who his real friends are: Allison who was willing to sell him out to Dar, or Carrie, the one who saved him from the kidnappers that time in Pakistan.

Morning, over at the American Embassy, which like all embassies is a den of spies, they are sweeping the buildings for bugs. Dar goes into a “clean” room with Saul and starts yelling at him. Saul yells back. They are both speaking in backstory. Turns out there was a time twenty years ago when Saul gave some names to the Mossad and wasn’t fired and/or imprisoned for it, which is why he’s so “vulnerable” on Israel. Dar continues to dismiss any talk of the Russians blowing up the plane.

Hey let's make sure Allison sees how mad we are, and that we talk real loud so she can listen in.

Let’s make sure to do this real loud so that Allison can listen in.

They are having this “conversation” in their outdoor voices, and guess who’s listening on the other side of the wall? If you guessed our favorite double agent, Allison, you’d be correct. Is it just me or does their dialogue sound staged? Are Saul and Dar play-acting because they suspect Allison is a double agent and this whole thing is a set-up possibly including Saul’s sleeping with her? Or is your humble recapper just being paranoid because of that time in Season 3 when Saul and Carrie totally psyched us out? If this isn’t a part of some operation, then why the yelling?

The next day, Saul gets Allison out of a staff meeting and meets her on the street to tell her he’s being followed. She blames Dar because why not widen the gulf between Saul and Dar(k-Saul)? In what seems like a major continuity issue, she reminds him of the bomb remnant connecting the plane going boom to Israel as though it was something new. Then he mentions the need to “sweep” the Embassy for bugs – which they were doing the day before. Saul also points out that if there’s NOT a bug then they have a whole other problem.

Will Allison now plant a bug that can also be linked to Israel?

So where in the world is Peter Quinn? Turns out the kindly stranger is this season’s “good” Muslim because every season has to have one, and if history tells us anything, then he will be killed off. Quinn’s savior, Hussein, was a doctor as was his wife who was killed in Syria. Since he can’t get his medical license in Germany, Hussein has devoted himself to treating people who would otherwise not get treatment, like the kind of people who get shot and can’t go to the police and are about to drown themselves. Also he manages the building where the recently released evildoers all live. And he’s conveniently a universal donor or the same blood type as Quinn because he’s given him a transfusion of his own blood. When Quinn goes to use the communal bathroom in the building, he overhears evil plotting by the evildoers, coming through the vent. How does he play it? He tells Hussein to tell his friends to keep their voices down or plug up the vent.


Back in his hotel room, Saul is going a little crazy looking for bugs. He goes into the hallway and attacks a cleaning cart.

Shooting on location is expensive. Remember how last season they filmed like a dozen scenes of Saul meeting with people or just talking on the phone in his hotel’s restaurant? Parking garage is this season’s hotel restaurant! Today it’s Düring and Carrie meeting in the underground where no nosy strangers ever show up to park their cars when you’re doing your top-secret rendezvous. She tells him that she’s “the problem” and has to disappear, so could she please have a plane with 12 hours of fuel? She won’t tell him where she’s going, but wouldn’t the pilot have to know? He reminds her she’s not alone. She has him and Jonas. She tells him not so much on the Jonas anymore, but she is far more freaked out about Saul’s saying no to her. Düring, however, says yes to her, and order is restored to the universe.

Over at the CIA, Saul avoids a polygraph test. Given that he has nothing to hide with the Israelis, is this to protect Carrie? The “data-penetration” guy won’t let Saul see his hard copy. (The previous sentence is NOT a euphemism.) Saul creates an extremely unlikely distraction, which conveniently gets the guy out of the room (in which he is also conveniently working alone). He’s gone just long enough for Saul to put everything on the flash drive, but when Dataman sits back down, the door is closing, so he knows something happened. Uh-oh!

The head of the evildoing bad Muslims, Hajek, wants to have a word with “the American.” Hussein reminds him what the Quran says about guests. (For those of you unfamiliar with the word of God as told to Muhammad, it’s basically the same as what the Old Testament says: Don’t let your neighbors anally rape your guests. Offer the neighbors your own virginal daughters instead.)

Hajek calls Peter Quinn a spy. Quinn admits he was in Syria. What are the odds of that guy that Hussein randomly saved having been in Syria? Quinn claims he was a mercenary who fought with the rebels. Quinn also implies that Hajek wouldn’t have been making plans to blow stuff up right after getting out of the hoosegow unless he wanted to go back to prison, which is much safer than fighting where the real jihad is, in Syria. Hajek punches him. Later, one of Hajek’s underlings comes to talk to Quinn and lets him know they don’t like Hajek either. Quinn tries to leave with Hussein walking him out, but Hajek announces he’s going to do unspeakable and deadly things to him. Big mistake. Even though he can’t walk without assistance, Quinn is a killing machine. He mortally wounds the bigger man without need of weapon.

The flying monkeys rejoice and invite Quinn to stay another night.


Saul crashes Düring’s club because of course billionaires are members of old-fashioned clubs where men go to read dead-tree newspapers, drink brandy, smoke cigars, and get away from the womyns. Saul has no trouble blowing past the guard and following him inside. Saul tells Düring he has something for Carrie’s eyes only and Düring has to give it to her. Düring agrees, but then the CIA bursts in because that’s how American intelligence operates in Germany apparently. They search Düring and take Saul away, but nobody thinks to search anywhere else in the building where Saul might have left the drive, like say Düring’s coat pocket in the closet by the front door.

saul to during

“A Jewish CIA operative and a German billionaire go into a bar… Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.”

Carrie is deleting all the pictures from her phone, but she’s keeping the phone because that sounds safe. Is she on autopay? The car comes to take her to the plane, but she makes the driver stop at her old digs so she can look in the window at Jonas being all domestic in the kitchen – as though she actually felt something. When she gets to the plane, Düring is already there. When he tells her he has something for her from Saul, she lights up, but how could she ever have doubted?

Theories and Speculation:

Who’s with me on thinking that Saul and Dar are working together to expose the mole, and they already have a good idea it’s Allison? Also, Saul really does think Carrie sank his nomination, but raise your hand (and comment below) if you think Dar was the one who actually set him up, and that that truth too will out before the season’s over.

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