A Nation Breathes A Sigh Of Relief As Homeland Security Agents Thwart Attempt To Wear Google Glass To Theater

A Nation Breathes A Sigh Of Relief As Homeland Security Agents Thwart Attempt To Wear Google Glass To Theater

We’ve never really been able to decide if we find Google Glass doofusy or creepy or both. However, we have always been pretty solid on the fact that you probably shouldn’t be detained by federal agents for wearing them, though come to think of it we actually are fans of the idea that we could bring down the wrath of the government on creepy doofuses just because.

A man who was wearing a Google Glass device during a showing of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” last Saturday at an AMC Theatres location in Columbus, Ohio, was questioned by agents from the Dept. of Homeland Security — to see if he was illegally recording the pic. […]

After the theater manager identified that the patron was wearing Google Glass, a rep from the MPAA — who was on site — investigated the claim and then contacted the Dept. of Homeland Security, which oversees movie theft.

This was one of those stories that when we first saw the initial post we figured it was probably in the process of getting debunked over at Snopes, because the whole thing just seemed so weird, especially because the detained Googley Glassy person wrote way too many words about how shaken up he was. C’mon. DHS? For recording a movie? Of course there have always been those FBI warnings at the start of VHS movies, back when we had to watch VHS movies


…but we didn’t really think they actually broke out the big federal guns for suspected recording. And even if that is the job of Homeland Security — to keep you safe from grainy bootleg copies of Tom Clancy-related films — we didn’t really think that they’d be available at a moment’s notice to head on down to the local theater and detain and interrogate people. Also, the MPAA keeps reps on site? Is this in every city for every movie? This can’t possibly be a cost-effective way to prevent crappy movie copies.

Much to our amazement, both the theater and ICE Homeland Security Investigations confirmed that this happened, so apaprently this isn’t just one of those “Bill Gates will give you $1 million if you forward this email” sorts of things. So listen up, technology doofuses of the world: do not wear your Google Glass to the theater. Perhaps don’t wear them anywhere, because right now in order to do so you have to apply to be something called a “Glass Explorer” and pay $1500 for the privilege of looking like an idiot. Just wait for the damn implants right into our eyes like God intended.

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