Homeland RECAP: Who's a Redshirt? (S4:E10)

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In the aftermath of the explosion, Carrie and Saul are alive, but John Redmond took a shard of glass to the neck and is really most sincerely dead. Admit it. You breathed a sigh of relief it wasn’t Saul.

Over at the den of spies, Martha tells Peter that Dennis told her that he told Tasmeen about the tunnel—so they are completely vulnerable to an attack which should be happening right about now. Peter calls the commanding officer to get the troops back to the Embassy. He also commandeers the one remaining private nearby. They’ve got some defending to do! The snipers attack the soldiers at the convoy. Carrie manages to call her new boyfriend, Dev from Smash,who is in a car with Tasmeen.


He is about to give the order to save Carrie and Saul and secure the Embassy, but Tasmeen tells him to wait ten minutes. Instead of telling her to fuck off, they get into a policy discussion. No yelling, because that would be uncivilized. Tasmeen takes the view that Haquanni will get the Americans out of Pakistan. He points out that Haquanni’s men have killed dozens of his soldiers at the border. She says that once the Americans are gone that won’t be a problem.

Why are they having this conversation? Who’s the boss? That’s not rhetorical. The show has never bothered explaining this. Is she running her own game or working for someone higher up? Is Bunny in on this? We thought giving Bunny a comical nickname and making him an old friend of Saul’s meant he was harmless, but maybe not. Does Dev have to take orders from her?

At the den of spies, they are doing the usual shredding of papers, but there is one very important document which must be saved. It’s “the list” of their Pakistani assets, and there are no copies ANYWHERE. Why not? Because the late Sandy Bachman, who trusted Dennis, trusted no one else. Lockhart is told to get it to “the vault.” That’s the same Lockhart who sent all the troops out. What could go wrong?

Peter and Private No-name are somewhere in the bowels of the building. They are close enough to eavesdrop on a couple of the terrorists, but far enough away to hold a conversation without the terrorists hearing them. Maybe the terrorists are a little deaf from the drone attacks.

No-name’s main job is to ask Peter questions so we will know what’s going on. Thank you for your service! Peter translates the terrorists’ conversation. They are after “the list.” Peter calls Henley. Who is Henley? He is the guy that gave the list to Lockhart, and he is already deader than Redmond.

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Lockhart, however, has made it to the safe room with Martha, Dennis “Duck” Boyd and the rest of the crew from the SS Minnow. Why does Dennis get to be in the safe room? Martha is on the phone with a Pakistani general—maybe General Bunny himself, trying to get soldiers to defend the Embassy. Bunny is probably making funny sounds into the phone and telling her she’s breaking up.

Haquanni is looking at the camera and politely asking for Martha to open the door and give him the list before he blows the house down. Martha tells him Lockhart isn’t even there and she is not going to open the door. Those who didn’t make it to the safe room, because unlike Dennis they were too busy destroying documents, are lined up on their knees. Haquanni begins shooting them. The hostages include Max and Fara. Haquanni singles out Fara on account of her looking Muslimy and asks if her parents know what she’s doing. He takes out a big shiny knife and puts it up to her to her pretty throat. Max begs to trade places with her, but it’s pretty clear Haquanni really wants to kill her. Lockhart caves. He’s pushes Martha aside, determined to do what he thinks at that moment is the right thing even though Martha has just told him they will all be killed and Lockhart’s instincts are always wrong. There’s a sixty-second timer on the door, so Lockhart has lost all bluster and is begging Haquanni to wait.

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Those extra seconds give Peter Quinn and the Private No-name time to approach. But then the door opens, and Lockhart hands over the list. Haquanni slashes Fara’s throat AND tells his men to shoot all of them. Quinn starts shooting before that can happen, and Haquanni is hit. But he and his men escape through some secret exit which they then manage to block.


Max does get to grab a dead guy’s gun and shoot the last of the terrorists, but it doesn’t make up for losing Fara. Poor Fara! It’s like the only reason for her being there this season was to get killed. I bet Carrie would feel bad about never saying a kind word to her if Carrie had feelings about that kind of thing.

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Carrie and Saul have finally been rescued and are on their way back to the embassy. The terrorist flag is still hanging from the Embassy balcony. Welcome home!

Four hours later, the Pakistani military has secured the place—which was pretty easy given that the terrorists all ran away after they had the list and Peter started shooting. Lockhart tells Carrie that the US is now closing the Embassy and clearing out of Pakistan since there was obvious state support for what happened. Lockhart blames himself for handing over the list, and this time Carrie actually uses tact (maybe chastened by Max’s admonishing her for being “mean” to Fara). She tells him it was a hard call, and she isn’t sure what she would’ve done. He reacts in an uncharacteristically non-asshat manner, thanking her for saying something they both know is utter bull hockey.

Martha goes to visit Duck, who’s back in the clink. He would like to borrow her belt to hang himself please and convinces her this is the best shot she has at saving her career. Really? Congress won’t demand hearings? The state department won’t investigate that he’d had access to her super-secrets even though she knew he was an unreliable drunk? No one will talk to the press? She agrees because she has a pension to protect, but it can’t be her belt, so she brings him his own.

Peter is trying to get Saul to remember what kind of phones the terrorists use, which is somehow the key to everything. Saul can’t because old people don’t understand this new fangled technology, so Peter loses patience and yells at him. We’ve all been there, Peter! It was just like that time I tried to get my mother-in-law an Android. Carrie tells Peter to lay off the old guy, and also they are going home in the morning. Then she talks to Saul. He’s still feeling like it’s all his fault. She tells him her spidey sense says Haquanni planned to get the list all along. It was why he faked his own death and this was in the works before he even thought of abducting Saul.

Peter grabs a phone off a dead terrorist. Then he leaves the embassy and firebombs some poor shnook’s stall in a marketplace, which somehow is a trap/diversion to bring out Farad Ghazi, who Quinn manages to kidnap and bring to a safe house/torture chamber in order to ask him where Haquanni is because that is the awesomeness of the Quinn.


The next morning, it’s time to clear out, but Peter is nowhere to be seen. Carrie tells Lockhart she’s not coming. Even though she’ll have no official cover, she can’t leave Quinn behind. She needs five more days. Lockhart, who is still the director of the CIA, is okay with this because (wait for it) NO ONE SAYS NO TO CARRIE MATHISON.

Dennis “Duck” Boyd is still alive because the only thing he was good at was treason.

Saul doesn’t want to leave without Carrie on account of World War III and the apocalypse about to break out. But she’s staying put, so they hug and he tells her to be “very careful.”

Five days per the show’s timeline and two more episodes to go. That should be enough time for Quinn and Carrie to save the world—maybe with a little help from Aaser (Dev from Smash) Khan.

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