Homeland RECAP: Peter Quinn's One Man Quest for Justice (S4:E11)

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Dev from Smash tells Carrie there’s a kill order on Peter Quinn. She admits she can’t call him off but begs Dev to let her stop Quinn herself and get him home. He can’t say no to her because no one can. Why aren’t they having a deeper discussion about what is going on and why the ISI is so hell bent on protecting Haquanni?


Carrie and the skeleton crew are left to shut down the Embassy. Max is still there. Poor Max! Why didn’t he just get out with the first convoy—unless he wants to join Peter Quinn’s one man quest for justice?

Carrie explains to those who are left behind (none of whom we’ve seen before except for Max) that there is a “failure protocol” and it’s her mission to get everyone home safe—including Peter, who they are totally going to track down like a dog, for his own good, before he kills Haquanni.

Where is Quinn? He’s dropped in on some German babe, with whom he apparently had the type of relationship where he can break in and wake her up with a hand over her mouth and then ask her to risk her life and career even though the last time they saw each other she told him to fuck off. And sure she’ll stop by the Islamabad Home Depot and pick him up some bomb-making supplies and track down all the locations on the same series of burner phones as the one he got off the dead terrorist.

HOMELAND RECAP: Peter Quinn's One Man Quest for Justice (S4:E11)

More Saving. More Blowing Shit Up.

Back at the Den of Spies, Carrie catches Max making off with an emergency spy pack that contains a fake passport for Quinn. Max tries to guilt-trip Carrie about Fara, but she guilts him worse about Quinn. Quinn will die if Max doesn’t tell Carrie where he is. He caves because NOBODY CAN SAY NO TO CARRIE MATHISON. She sets off for Fraulein Helga’s, where she manages to talk her way inside and spots signs that Quinn is there, but she doesn’t let on and leaves.

With Carrie gone, Fraulein Helga gives Peter her report. That burner phone and the magic of whatever tech she has access to have led her to Haquanni’s location. How long were we looking for Osama Bin Laden? All we needed to do was get Peter Quinn and Fraulein Helga on the job!

Quinn goes off to borrow Helga’s car, but Carrie is waiting for him. She’s only brought one marine for backup. Oh, Carrie, you fool! Don’t you know you’d need an army to take down Quinn on a mission? He shoots the marine in the leg and escapes.

Fortunately, the medical center of the Embassy is still fully staffed, and they take care of the marine, who is going to be just fine because Quinn knew precisely how to shoot him so there would be no lasting damage. Carrie gets a message from Max that she needs to call her sister. Please raise your hands if you knew that this would be about her dad’s “sudden” death—which had to be coming as the actor playing him died and they couldn’t keep insisting Dad had just gone out for a pack of cigarettes every time Carrie called home. Carrie asks to see the Brodiette. Did they use CGI to superimpose Brody’s face on a toddler? That kid bears a stronger resemblance to Damian Lewis than Rowan Farrow does to Frank Sinatra.


Later, Carrie gets a call from Lockhart. There have been a lot of high level meetings with Pakistan, but Lockhart hasn’t been invited. He asks Carrie if she knows what’s going on. Seeing as how he gave up all of the agency’s assets for not even a bag of beans, he’s about to get shit-canned and no one tells him anything. Carrie points out she’s kind of out-of-the-loop herself.

Quinn has been keeping busy, scoping out Haquanni’s hideaway and walking the streets disguised in a baseball cap. He gets himself to the medical school—where you’d think after Crazy Carrie’s incident they’d really be watching out for those whacky westerners—and he leaves a note for Karin, Aayan’s jilted girlfriend who still cares about him. The note comes with photos of Aayan’s uncle the terrorist shooting him dead. Quinn meets with Karin, shows her more evidence of Aayan’s murder, and convinces her to join him in bringing down Haquanni.

The perfect disguise.

The perfect disguise.

Carrie blackmails Fraulein Helga into letting her in and telling her Quinn’s plan. If we’ve learned anything from Homeland, it’s that blackmail is the second most important tool of spy-craft, right after sexing up your assets. Carrie also has one of her guys break into the Fraulein’s car and discovers evidence of C-4, confirming that Peter is planning to blow up Haquanni real good.

Quinn has Karin release the drone-footage of Haquanni killing Aayan. It goes viral on the Internets. Karin also organizes a protest demanding justice for Aayan, to be held over at Haquanni’s not-so-secret hideout. Quinn stuffs his bomb into the handle of a poster of Aayan’s baby face. Geez, all Aayan ever wanted was to be a doctor and help people. Now even after his death, his murder is being used as an excuse for more carnage.

Tasmeen and Dev are planning their strategy around the demonstration. Tasmeen has arranged for counter-protests supporting Haquanni. Then the soldiers will come to clean up and clear everyone out.. It can’t look like they’re “cracking down” on the students. Haquanni is going to have to be moved somewhere safer. Tasmeen tells Dev that if anything happens to Haquanni, whom they now seem to be officially protecting, Dev is going to be in big trouble!

What’s her hold over him again?

Sure this is plausible. Pakistan has now gone from secretly allowing terrorists to take over the American Embassy to overtly protecting the terrorists who took over the Embassy. And this is because why again? They decided they could do just fine without all that foreign aid, and having the Taliban run around unfettered was a good thing? And China, Russia, India, Europe, and the rest of the world are just kind of hanging out while all this is happening?

Despite all the soldiers looking for him and the fact that he looks kind of, you know, WHITE, Quinn fits right in with the protesters. The counter-demonstrators show up, and in the scuffle he manages to open up a conveniently located grate and leave the sign-with-the-bomb under it. He then warns Karin, “It’s time to go.” He gets away from the crowd without anyone noticing and runs off to wait for the right moment to detonate it. The protesters disperse very quickly, leaving behind only the pro-Haquanni counter-demonstrators and the soldiers who have just arrived. It’s a good thing that protests always go smoothly like that and everyone is so disciplined.


Carrie shows up, spots Dev before he sees her, and hides herself behind a poster of Haquanni that some counter-protestor conveniently dropped. Then she puts down the sign and takes off her headscarf to make sure that Quinn, who must be around some place, can see her. Dev sees her too. And no one seems distracted at all by Goldilocks showing off her golden locks in a crowd of Taliban sympathizers.

Haquanni comes out and gets into a waiting car. Carrie doesn’t move. Quinn calls her to tell her to get out of the way of his bomb. She tells him nope. “I can’t lose you, Quinn,” she says, because as always it’s all about her. Quinn lets the car pass. Then Haquanni decides to stand up (there’s a convenient sunroof) and wave to his supporters like he’s on the red carpet.

Is he standing on the center console? Of somebody else's car? 'Cause that's kind of a dick move.

Is he standing on the center console? Of somebody else’s car? ‘Cause that’s kind of a dick move.

Carrie gets a sudden flash of Aayan’s being shot, which upsets her even though she totally set Aayan up—but maybe it’s all those recent losses and near losses catching up with her: Saul’s kidnapping, her career, her dad, Fara, her CAREER. And it’s all jumbled together and most it is Haquanni’s fault, so she lifts her gun and is about to shoot Haquanni when suddenly Dev appears and grabs her, telling her to look at who’s in the car with Haquanni.

And who would that be?

Dar. That’s who. Dar Adal, Peter’s Black Ops master, who we always knew was up to something. But what? Has Dar been the mole that was never uncovered from season two? Has he behind everything all along? Could he have been running Sandy Bachman? Or did he just jump into this mess with a semi-officially sanctioned scheme? Dar has certainly been willing to do anything to stay on the inside. He’s been sneaky and creepy, but what the hell is he doing now? Tune in next week to find out.

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