Homeland RECAP: The Morning After (S1:E5)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that things are always awkward after a night of coerced sex. When Carrie opens her eyes, Aayan is all clumsy and boyish—trying to sneak a peek at her body. Funny how she knew Brody was a mole from the get go, but she doesn’t seem to suspect Aayan is anything other than the naïf he appears to be.

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Young, dumb, and full of… vital intelligence information.

She leaves to get coffee and pastries. He is old enough to drink coffee, isn’t he? She meets Saul in order to explain the play to the audience: She has three days to recruit Aayan and use him to get to his uncle, Haqquami. Saul will go to DC and tell Lockhart about the ISI conspiracy. Lockhart will be thrilled because it takes the blame for the wedding massacre off of him.

Back at the love nest, Aayan is talking of fleeing. So Carrie tells him what a terrible idea that is because the CIA probably has him on a kill list on account of the video. He’ll be “disappeared” if he steps foot out her door. I will remember to use this next time I take someone home who doesn’t want to stay for breakfast.


What else is going on as Carrie continues to screw Aayan (or maybe it’s the other way around)?

Ambassadrix Martha and her husband Dennis (Duck) Boyd continue to play scenes from Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf. He tells her he’s decided to stay in Pakistan. She tells him she never believed he got his job back. He gets drunk. She laments that she married a loser. They both seem nice.

Tasmeen—the Pakistani version of Carrie—and Aaser (Dev from Smash) are over at ISI headquarters where everybody is Bollywood beautiful and dressed for success. They laugh at what a putz Dennis Boyd is and discuss Aaser’s lunch date with Saul.

HOMELAND RECAP: The Morning After (S1:E5)

“I’m just doing the international espionage thing until I finish my screenplay.”

“It’s a strange game they’re playing,” Dev/Aaser says in his posh British accent.

Is it bad for me to be rooting for team Pakistan at this point?

Saul is at the airport when he spots ISI-hired thug Ghazi—the man with the earpiece who got Sandy Bachman killed. What a coincidence! This makes Saul feel all relevant and excited. Can’t put anything over on him. He tries to call Carrie, but she’s busy “recruiting” and doesn’t answer her phone.

"Yes, I'd like to conspicuously buy a ticket out of the country, please."

“Yes, I’d like to conspicuously buy a ticket out of the country, please.”

Really? Who turns off their phone? Especially when they’re the big boss of a super-secret spy operation.

Carrie and Aayan get back to “journalism.” She asks him about his uncle and lets slip that there’s a rumor he’s still alive. Then “casually” adds, “If he is alive, it makes you wonder if he knew the strike was coming.”

Aayan shuts down so Carrie decides to reveal something about herself in order to gain his trust. She tells him about her baby and that the baby’s father was also a “journalist” who she sent on a dangerous assignment and he died. This makes Carrie for realz sad, and he hugs her. This time he initiates the sexytimes, maybe out of pity because she looks pretty pitiable.

Martha goes looking around the compound for Quinn but finds Redmond instead, so she sends him to bring in her husband who is embarrassing America in some hotel bar. Dennis comes very close to telling Redmond what he was doing for Sandy, but then Tasmeen shows up so he gets totally spooked and leaves. He goes to Carrie’s apartment (not the love nest) and, using a stolen key, takes pictures including a photo of baby-Franny and Carrie’s meds. I wonder if Carrie ever threw out her hundreds of pregnancy tests or if she travels with them. What would Dev and Tasmeen make of that?

Back at the airport, Saul finally calls Quinn because Carrie still isn’t answering her phone. He reports that Ghazi is getting on a plane to Johannesburg. After Saul hangs up, he sees Ghazi go into a men’s room. Then he sees two men in suits, who might as well as be wearing ISI sandwich boards, go in after him. They come out, but Ghazi doesn’t. Saul goes in. Ghazi is waiting for him and shoves a needle in his neck. I’m thinking it was filled with that M99 stuff Dexter used to use. Later we see the suits take Saul away in a wheelchair. After that, we see him gagged and bound in the trunk of a car heading into the “no-go” zone outside of Islamabad. I guess that answers how the show plans to keep him around.


We’re just getting our asses kicked by Pakistan this week.

But wait, there’s more.

The contact that met with Haquammi and Aayan gets away because Quinn can’t reach Carrie to authorize a drone to follow him. Quinn is not pleased and comes knocking on the door at the Casa de Amor. Carrie tells him to leave her alone as she’s “recruiting.” He tells her, “To me it looks like you’re fucking a child.” Tell it, Peter!

Carrie heads back inside to Aayan, who now “confesses” his uncle is alive. “You can’t tell anyone. He’s the only family I have.”

Yeah, kid, and she’s the one who ordered the hit on your mom and sister, and now she’s totally going to kill your uncle… except it looks like Tasmeen and Aaser are several steps ahead and maybe Aayan is not that innocent.

Well, Homeland, as terrible as you’ve become, you’ve placed one of the characters we still care about in danger. You’ve also dropped some hints that maybe Saul and Carrie have met their match in the intelligence department. Guess we’ll have to tune in next week.

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