Homeland RECAP: Deer in the Headlights (S4:E6)

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Poor Aayan. At least if you’re stuck in a boat with a CGI tiger, you know who the predator is. The episode opens with “the boy” and Carrie being flirty in bed as they go over the details of his new identity, and she tells him he’s leaving that night.


He’s gone from thinking his life was over to imagining a new one in England—studying at King’s College and banging this hot American MILF.

But first he wants to go back to the university and pick up his family photos. Once he leaves, Carrie runs back to the office to set up a little operation. After Quinn asks if it will be “clothing optional,” she enlists Redmond’s help instead.

Quinn gets information that Ghazi didn’t arrive in South Africa and Saul hasn’t checked in with Langley yet, but he’s too distracted by his fight with Carrie to grasp that Saul is actually missing. He tells an agent to try to contact Mira.

Aayan’s ex-girlfriend happens to shows up in his dorm room. Has she been hanging out waiting for him to return? Is she his Peter Quinn? He blurts out a lot of information about his plans, including that they don’t involve her because now he lurves Carrie.

He notices some big galoot who is very obviously after him. He loses him and goes back to the safe house. He tells Carrie, and she starts raving about the danger he’s in. They better put off his leaving. But then again, he’ll be killed if he stays. How will they get him out now? What will they do?

Aayan gets an idea. He’ll go to his uncle the terrorist for help. She hands the little naif 1,000 pounds and a shiny new passport. Then the galoot and a couple of others bust in. He runs while they are too busy beating up Carrie to go after him.

Chivalry is, in fact, dead.

Chivalry is, in fact, dead.

Of course, it’s all part of Carrie’s plan, but what if Aayan had decided to give himself up rather than see the goons pummeling the woman he loves? Was Carrie able to predict what he’d do because of her super-bipolar powers?

Back over at that hotbed of spies, a.k.a. the American Embassy, Carrie yells at Fara for asking about “the boy,” who is now destined to be blown up when he leads them to his uncle with the tracking device embedded in his passport. This screaming match involving grave matters of national security and top secret stuff conveniently takes place in a busy corridor where Dennis “Duck” Boyd is lurking.

Why would the CIA ever suspect the bitter, drunken husband of the Ambassadrix, who has no business being in that part of the embassy, might be a security risk?

Carrie goes into the Ops room with Redmond because she and Quinn still aren’t speaking to each other. They have all the big screens lit up and are watching Aayan’s every move through the magic of drone technology. They watch him get on a bus to a town near where his uncle has a training camp.

Dudes, if the CIA knows his uncle has a training camp, why don’t they just blow it up?


Dennis follows Fara to the safe house, sneaks in and steals a couple of things from the garbage bag while she’s upstairs. Fara doesn’t notice, probably because she’s too busy being mad at Carrie and muttering to herself that she didn’t join the CIA and get a degree in finance to be Carrie’s cleaning woman. Are any of these people actually good at their jobs?

“The boy” arrives at his final destination. He calls his uncle, who cryptically tells him to go to the place they used to meet. Then he calls Carrie, who has to take the call in front of all the men in the Ops room, thus exposing all the secrets of her “recruitment” technique.

He tells her he loves her and can’t wait to see her again. She tells him she loves him.

Carrie and her crew watch on several big screens as the sun comes up in the scenic mountain region. Aayan walks along a creek, stops to pray, lies down for a moment in the sun, and generally enjoys what we are pretty sure will be the last moments of his existence.

Tasmeen is meeting with Dennis at a café because why should they meet anywhere secret when all the CIA operatives do is fight with each other and fail to do their jobs? He gives her back Carrie’s key and tells her about all of Carrie’s medications. He’s all like, “I bet you didn’t know she was crazy and I am such a super-smart spy!” She bats her eyes and tells him what a knack he has. You can tell he doesn’t get praise like that from the ball-busting battleaxe he’s married to. But wait, there’s more! He tells her about the safe house across the street from the very place they are sitting. He shows her Aayan’s family photos. She recognizes him from the video. He even found a receipt for the passport with Aayan’s new alias…

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Discretion, schmretion.

Tasmeen is much better at this asset-management business then Carrie. She doesn’t even have to put out to get him completely wrapped around her finger. Just a smile and a kind word. For a hand-job, this guy would strap on a suicide vest.

She thanks him and leaves abruptly to report his findings. As we learned last week, she is up to a thing or two that her ISI boss, Dev from Smash, doesn’t know about, like arranging Saul’s kidnapping and being totally in cahoots with the Taliban.

Back at Ops, it’s like they are all watching a nature show and Aayan is the antelope about to get ate by a lion. A car pulls up and four armed men get out. Ops is able to identify them as Haquanni’s henchman, each one high up on the kill list.

Carrie announces that if the target arrives they are taking them all out. Bye-bye, Aayan.

"It's not like he was good in bed. I mean, virgin, duh."

“It’s not like he was good in bed. I mean, virgin, duh.”

Meantime, Quinn gets the news that Saul never got on the plane. He runs into the Ops room just when Uncle Terrorist arrives at the meet-up. Before Carrie can give the order to shoot, Haquanni pulls Saul out of the car and looks up at the sky while explaining to a confused Aayan that this is the head of the snake that sends the bombs. Aayan doesn’t even get a chance to put it together. Uncle grabs him, thanks him for the medication, and shoots him in the head.

"You broke my heart, Fredo."

“You broke my heart, Fredo.”

Carrie shouts, “Take the shot, God damn it.”

Quinn yells that they are not going to blow up the former director. He reminds Carrie, “It’s Saul down there.” She doesn’t stand down, but somehow the sound of a woman screaming and the fact that Peter is challenging her causes her orders to be ignored. Saul is pushed back into a car, and Haquanni and his men drive away leaving Aayan’s body to rot.


Carrie walks into her office and throws the garbage bags around, leaving Quinn to decide which of the three cars the drones will follow. Honestly, I watched this three times and I’m still not clear if the issue is that Haquanni and Saul are in two different cars or if they just don’t know who is in which car. Apparently, menfolk get very confused when women raise their voices. It’s a scientific fact.

Will the rest of the season involve rescuing Saul even though Saul would have told Carrie to take the damn shot? And how will Carrie, Quinn and Fara save Saul if they aren’t speaking to each other? Will next week be a very special episode where they all learn to work together?

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