Homeland: Just her 19th nervous breakdown

This week on Homeland: Yvegeny goes rogue, Bill says too much, and Carrie’s seasonal hallucinatory sequence may actually give her the clarity to make a tough decision, god willing.


We open with Yvegeny and “Simmy” mapping out their future in Russia as they arrive at a private airfield like Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca, but then some guy named Clayton calls to tell Yvegeny that Dante hasn’t been in touch, and Yvegeny decides not to get on that plane. Simone tells him the presidency of Elizabeth I is done already. Mission accomplished! But Yvegeny’s got to find out what’s going on, so they part ways. He doesn’t give her a speech about how they’ll always have DC where she had to sex up David, and probably Dante?

The problems of two GRU officers don’t add up to a hill of beans in this mixed up world.

Carrie is swallowing some of her so-called meds outside of Dante’s room when Saul shows up and she briefs him. The good news is Dante probably will wake up, though he might forget what he told them and not want to cooperate. Saul goes to brief the president, and by brief, I mean he skips the part about how they poisoned and almost killed him.

President Elizabeth I, David, and Saul are all watching Paley on TV calling for impeachment and voicing suspicions about Simone’s disappearance. Saul suggests telling Paley the truth, because he “may be a grasping partisan but he’s also a patriot.” Ah, television! How sweetly naive you are!

Yvegeny is driving back towards DC when he hears from Mirov (who might be the ambassador we met last week). Mirov wants him on that plane. Yvegeny hangs up. Clayton calls with the news that Dante got arrested, and is now in the hospital. Clayton’s going to go check this out, and Yvegeny is heading over.

Yvegeny doesn’t follow orders.

Dante’s awake and seems to be well-guarded. Carrie gets him a drink. She’s in character, telling him how they’re trying to find “the lawyer” and asking him if he’s ever seen that guy before. Dante has clammed up, but she convinces him that “they” tried to kill him and also since Simone is probably dead, she can get him a very good deal if he’ll talk, because she’s got influence with Saul. He calculates and decides to spill something. She calls Saul to let him know. There’s a burn code out on Twitter. And even better, there’s a response code, so if they can get some cooperation or hack into the Twitter machine, they can take down the whole operation. This news makes Saul very happy and grateful to Carrie. Carrie looks happier than we’ve seen her this entire season, which means something is about to go very wrong.

President Elizabeth I approves Saul’s very invasive (against US citizens) breaking and entering into Twitter. David and Saul set up a PowerPoint presentation for Senator Paley.

Nothing says “We mean business” like the Microsoft Office suite.

Paley is finally convinced, and also humiliated because unlike the President, he wasn’t a target of the Russians, but a “useful idiot” moving the plot forward, like Carrie. Saul’s forecast, however, is hopeful, due to Dante’s singing like a canary, but Saul still hasn’t mentioned he’s singing from a hospital bed, and could soon be singing in the heavenly choir.

Over at the future home of Crossfit, Sandy is skeptical about this Twitter business going exactly as planned. It seems possible to her that Dante has figured out he got played (not by the Russians) and the tweet could be a “poison pill” that might cause everyone to scatter. Carrie insists she “knows” how Dante thinks, and Saul goes with that because he’s once again under Carrie’s spell. Besides, it’s the only “play” they have.

Carrie still isn’t acknowledging Max’s existence.

Clayton calls Yvegeny who’s still driving around, and not on hands-free mode because spies like to live dangerously. Clayton wants to know what’s up with the burn code. Yvegeny quickly figures this means Dante is talking, which means he’s got to die. He calls Mirov and asks for four or five guys to take out Dante at the hospital. Mirov tells him that’s not going to happen, and to get with the extraction plan.

Things are going great at the future home of Crossfit. Dante’s intelligence proved true. They’ve tracked eighteen people, though it’s not clear how many of them even know whom they’ve been working for. Carrie decides this would be a good time to take a little break and talk to Maggie. Saul admonishes her to be nice.

Maggie isn’t home, but Bill is, and you can see how he’s trying his damnedest to be nice to his sister-in-law, and to neither provoke her nor be provoked, but he just can’t help himself, and winds up saying too much, including telling her that Maggie (who’s not taking Carrie’s calls) is actually talking to a lawyer at that very moment, and that she’s doing so in order to keep Frannie from someday being just like her mom. Carrie responds by running upstairs, grabbing her stuff and Frannie’s (in record time), putting it in her car, and telling Bill to stay away from the kid he has helped to raise.

Yvegeny gets a call from Simone, whom we hope for her sake is calling from the air and not still on the tarmac. She tells him that Mirov is panicking, and he better call him back, or they’re going to designate him rogue. Before he can do anything, there’s another call. It’s from an American who’s part of the network, and has responded to the tweet. The FBI is at his door. Yvegeny tells him to shut up, get a lawyer, and never call him again. Stupid Americanski! He throws away the phone and goes a little crazy inside the car like a common Carrie Mathison. He takes an exit, parks, and drops his keys through a grate. He takes a cab to the hospital, and finds Clayton in the parking lot. Clayton tells him Mirov called, and has a plane waiting. He shoots Clayton in the stomach and tells him not to worry because they’re at a hospital. He then smears blood all over his face and hands, and half-carries him into the ER.

Once he’s inside, things go exactly his way. A nurse tells him they’ll get him something clean to wear, and that something is scrubs. He also manages to snag an ID clipped to someone’s belt. Clayton, when last seen, is not going to be just fine. They’re working on restarting his heart, and that might have been part of the plan as well, as a code blue in the ER clears away a lot of staff.

In real life, if you bring in a guy with a bullet wound, don’t they kind of watch you?

Carrie is over at Frannie’s school trying to get her out. Bill’s already called, and they don’t want to get her, but Carrie is still the legal guardian, so they have to. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Yvegeny has made it into a locked area, and found Dante’s (unguarded ) room. What happened to the guy guarding it when Carrie was there? He had one job!

Yvegeny tells Dante that he’s not going to hurt him. Dante tells him the lawyer he sent tried to poison him. Yvegeny appears insulted, and insists he’d never do that kind of thing. He takes care of his people. He also points out the logical fallacy of trusting Carrie, and hands Dante his phone, which, sure, they’d leave with a guy in federal custody, so he could call whomever. Yvegeny tells him to call Carrie and ask her if she poisoned him, so he can listen to her work out how to lie.

Carrie’s phone rings, just as they take Frannie out to her. Frannie is happy to see her mommy. Carrie doesn’t take the call, but he tries again and she does, asking if she can call him back in five minutes. Dante asks the question. She tells him that’s crazy talk, and he tells her that Yvegeny is there and she has to lock down the hospital.

Carrie tells the person handing over Frannie that she’s got an emergency, and to take Frannie back to class. Frannie starts to panic as Carrie runs out. Shouldn’t she have a direct line to the boots on the ground at the hospital? This is seriously even worse than that time she let an army of terrorists in through the back door of the Pakistani embassy.

She almost runs over Frannie who has run outside and is standing behind Carrie’s car, but we see Carrie grab her and get her back to the teacher. As she drives very quickly, she begins to flashback on what just happened, but she’s imagining she actually hit Frannie who lays dead in a pool of blood. Then her brain replays her greatest hits, watching Brody die, watching Aayan die, and of course watching Quinn die.

She runs into the hospital, where the guard who was mysteriously in the bathroom or by a vending machine tells her in slow-motion, “He didn’t make it.” She runs into Dante’s room, where there’s no sheet over him yet, and a blonde nurse is hovering. The nurse turns around, and she’s got Carrie’s face. Carrie cowers in a corner as the nurse yells, “What did you do?”

So Dante is dead, but will the spies they caught thanks to Carrie give them enough? Did Dante actually believe Carrie? Was it her willingness to again bring Frannie to see him? Or did he figure he had no good options, and maybe Yvegeny wouldn’t have time to kill him? What about Carrie’s little breakdowwn? Was it actually a breakthrough that will cause her to realize that Frannie is better off with Maggie and Bill, even if Bill is kind of a jerk?

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