Homeland: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Easter (S5 E10 Recap)

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This week we get the pay-off on all that churchy stuff — a genuine miracle. Peter Quinn’s resurrection. Like Jesus (to whom he could easily be compared at many points this season) Quinn’s death was witnessed by the masses. Nevertheless, as Carrie prophesised several weeks back, “He is risen.”


We begin in a busy Berlin train station where a dude in a cap and glasses is wheeling around a suitcase. He gets in an elevator, where there’s another dude dressed like a construction worker. Construction worker wheels out the suitcase. So lets get this straight. The jihadis are dressed up like a Village People cover band, and they’re out in public, trading off suitcases containing the poison gas. This, in the era of “see something, say something” and after the Paris attacks (which happened in the show’s universe) but nobody else in the elevator notices that a different guy left with the suitcase?

"Guy in cap" gives suitcase to "construction worker" who gives it to "sailor" who gives it "cowboy."

“Guy in cap” gives suitcase to “construction worker” who gives it to “sailor” who gives it “cowboy.”

Meantime, over at the CIA Berlin Station, Carrie is laying out for Dar all the reasons why Allison is a for real traitor and not just trying to protect her asset, Ivan. Dar seems dismissive of her pesky facts. He “dismisses” her (using that word) and practically shoves her out the door. Then he explains to Saul that “politically” this whole twenty-year agency veteran and station chief turns out to be a double agent thing could make the CIA look really bad, so maybe they just let Allison go back to Langley and then do some investigation.

Dar is afraid the America public can't handle the truth.

Dar is afraid the American public can’t handle the truth.

Saul begs for one crack at Allison, saying he thinks he can get her to confess and then they can make her a triple agent because they’re the most reliable kind. Allison tells Saul she’s the aggrieved party, and he’s the angriest man she’s ever known. He goes over her story, like how was it she never told anyone that Ivan was her asset. She insists she told the conveniently dead David Estes (who didn’t really die but now fights aliens on Supergirl). Then he gets in her face (literally) and starts yelling about her various double-crosses, including, and especially sending the Russians to kill Carrie, and he turns into the Hulk and starts to murderize her, but Dar sends in a couple of guys to pull him off before she’s really most sincerely dead. This was true breakthrough television, a scene showing a man beating the crap out of a woman where we were totally on the man’s side! I’m sure the men’s rights movement must be very happy. Thank you, Homeland. You’ve done it again!

You wouldn't like Saul when he's angry. Seriously, you really wouldn't.

You wouldn’t like Saul when he’s angry. Seriously, you really wouldn’t.

As Carrie leaves the building, she runs into Astrid, and they talk about how full of shit Allison is, and then Carrie mentions that now that her life’s no longer in danger, she’s off to find Peter Quinn. Astrid is like, “Quinn’s missing?” And Carrie is: “Yeah, nobody’s seen him for about nine days since he snuck out to die like a dog after that shootout I got him into.” Astrid’s like, “What?” Way to be sensitive, Carrie! Astrid agrees to check out the surveillance cameras near his old location, but she’s got to be thinking that when this is all over if Quinn is still alive, she’ll kill Carrie herself before Carrie gets Peter killed for keeps.

Sure Carrie, it's not like Astrid might have FEELINGS about Quinn.

Sure Carrie, it’s not like Astrid might have FEELINGS about Quinn.

At Jihadi Central they are editing Quinn’s death tape because in addition to religion, this season is all about surveillance and video. Now, let us review the facts: We saw Peter get the gas, and now they are editing the tape. We also saw him get the atrophine, which really is a “cure” for sarin, but how long does a dose of atrophine work? Peter’s been in the gas chamber a long time. Even if the sarin didn’t kill him, is there any oxygen in there?

Jonas is over at the Düring Foundation for Do-Gooding, taking a deposition from one of the freed prisoners, Faisel Marwan. Limp-Haired Laura is sitting in with him. Marwan had a phone shop that a bunch of jihadis frequented, so he was jailed for supplying them with phones. He lost everything, and is now going to sue the government because the evidence was illegally provided by the CIA, which Laura exposed when she got the hacked documents. Got it? Also in a quick aside, Düring is looking at resumes for Carrie’s replacement. He wants someone with “less baggage,” which would be anyone.


Jonas gets Marwan’s statement but after the camera is off, he continues to ask him questions, reminding him that the government’s lawyers won’t make it easy. Marwan reluctantly admits knowing Hajick (the guy what Peter killed) in prison. Then when Jonas questions him about his conversations with the jihadis in prison, he mentions that time they were planning an attack on Berlin. After they send him home, Laura urges Jonas to just ignore the idle chatter of the prisoners because Laura must always be terrible, but Jonas thinks that would be wrong, so they decide to ask Daddy Otto what they should do, but he’s not home so it’s going to have to wait till morning.

It suddenly occurred to Jonas that maybe his crazy ex really did have something to be paranoid about.

It suddenly occurred to Jonas that maybe his crazy ex really did have something to be paranoid about.

Carrie is looking through Quinn’s bloody lair for clues, when she gets a text from Astrid to “watch the TV now.” Taking this literally she goes out to look for a television instead of just checking the intertubes on her phone. Maybe she’s almost out of battery? She finds a crowd gathered outside of a store window because Quinn’s lair is in a neighborhood that still has retail stores with televisions in the window that are on for the world to watch. Bibi, the one with the uncle, is wearing a mask and talking about the “terrible justice” that will be unleashed on a European city unless the Islamic State is recognized. (Terrible Justice, wasn’t he a professional wrestler?) And then to give the audience a “coming attraction” they show Peter Quinn dying on the cross in the gas chamber. Carrie almost faints, and you have to figure there’s some heavy duty PTSD there. First she had to watch Brody get hung, then she saw that boy she was sexing up get shot by his uncle, and now here she is watching this. Poor Carrie. Let’s make it all about her pain for a change.

Dar and Saul go over to confer with the BND about these events, and let them know the guy that got gassed was CIA. Bald Guy does the expected sardonic, “You might have told me,” as Dar spills about Peter’s top-secret mission with the jihadis that he never thought worth mentioning before. The BND are analyzing the video for any clues as to a location. Allison demands to see Dar. She tells him that Ivan might know whether or not ISIS could have gotten a hold of enough gas to actually carry out an attack or whether it’s a bluff. They go back to where ever Ivan is being held. (There’s a lot of location switching between the BND and the CIA.)

What crap will the Americans rain down on me today?

What crap will the Americans rain down on me today?

Ivan confirms that they could have gotten what they needed from Assad’s old stockpile. Allison has again proved her usefulness. We can only hope that if Dar chooses to hush up the treason, someone leaks the story to Laura in the finale.

Bibi is showing his boys a map, and talking about how they are going to block exits for maximum casualties. Cat Stevens is all but won’t a lot of people die? And maybe showing them how the American died so horribly will be enough to get their demands met? Bibi explains that the strategy is to just do terrible things until the people in the west pressure their leaders to give up and that’s how the terrorists win.


Carrie arrives at the BND or the CIA – it’s very hard to keep track in this episode, as there is a lot of shifting. She’s just in time to see Dar and Allison race off in a taxi, when she runs into Saul. Carrie is like, “Why isn’t Allison in handcuffs?” And Saul says “Tell me about it.” Carrie tells Astrid she needs to see the Quinn death tape because maybe he was signaling information, which only Carrie would be able to decipher. They watch holding hands, and even though Astrid has already seen this full version, it’s still tough for her to watch. In fact, it’s tough for ANYONE to watch, and fortunately we don’t have to watch most of it because the camera shows Carrie’s reaction. Her mouth quivers in sync with the sound of Quinn’s gasping for air. It’s dance-quivering! We do see enough of the film for it to be pretty clear that Quinn is dead as in “dead is dead” like they used to say on Lost.

Saul and Dar are talking to some high placed muckety muck via the Skype or whatever top super secret encoded version thereof is used by the gobmint. Saul suggests the President and world leaders stall for time, but the muckety muck says nobody is in an appeasing mood. Also they don’t want to identify Berlin as the city most likely to be bombed because if there’s a mass panic the terrorists will win. Sorry, but wouldn’t there just be a BIGGER mass panic if they don’t narrow it down? Joe also calls this “the new normal.” And given recent events, the episode while riveting, is not exactly “entertaining.”

Allison comes in with information on Bibi. She doesn’t even have a guard on her at this point. Saul tries again to murderize her, but this time he can only do it with his angry stare, and unfortunately he does not have laser eyes that shoot death rays.

Back at Do-Gooding is Us, Jonas and Laura are arguing in front of Daddy Otto. Laura wants to do nothing about what Marwan told them. Jonas thinks they have to report it to the authorities. Laura has brought Marwan back to the foundation for safekeeping as Muslim men are being rounded up outside of mosques. She gives an impassioned and completely wrongheaded speech about war is bad and just leads to more war. Jonas points out that nothing she said was relevant to the current situation. Otto dismisses the children and calls Saul who promises that Marwan won’t be arrested and can have Jonas, his lawyer, present.

One of the jihadis brings Bibi over to the chamber and shows him that OMIGOD! Peter is still alive, but barely, and tells him about the empty atropine canister he found in the trash. Bibi says they can’t go on with their evil plan until they find the traitor. Also since they can’t open the chamber without contamination, they’ll let the chamber be Peter’s tomb. Doesn’t he know that whenever the villain leaves the hero to die in a spy story, the hero always lives?


Astrid and Carrie are still bonding over their mutual love for Peter Quinn, and somebody is no doubt shipping the two of them, or maybe the three of them. Astrid does not seem to be holding Carrie responsible for Peter’s death, unless she’s just waiting for an opportunity to kill her later. They then work with a BND guy to see if they can trace the floor tiles seen in the video to a specific building using locations where Bibi was seen to narrow down the area.

Over at Jihadi Central, Bibi calls in the troops and tells them about how somebody gave Quinn the atropine. He looks at each of their kits. It’s a miracle! Cat Stevens’ kit has atropine, but Zaheer, the guy standing next to him is missing his atropine, so before Cat Stevens can say anything, Bibi shoots Zaheer. Then they all head out because they have a schedule to keep and the Islamic State doesn’t pay overtime.

Düring is going to send Marwan over to Saul. Laura is skeptical, but Düring says he trusts Saul, and Jonas will be there, but then two black cars pull up with the black suited BND thugs who grab Marwan and take him away. And really at this point, are we supposed to be sympathizing with Marwan and his civil rights when there’s a ticking time bomb?

Limp-haired Laura now has the opportunity to be smug, which is what she lives for. Why do I get the feeling she’s a vegan?

Laura, in her natural state.

Laura, in her natural state.

Hey, remember how Allison did that signaling thing a couple of weeks ago with her cigarette? Looks like she might be doing something like that again. She’s having a smoke break while being mildly guarded by one of her former underlings, who tells her he doesn’t believe she did what she’s accused of. She thanks him, and then looks at the bottom of her shoe. All the while, there’s a very conspicuous women walking a dog across the street. At one point the woman stops and pats her dog, like “Yeah, got it.”

Elizabeth Jennings didn't age well, but she found her new duties in Berlin were much less taxing.

Elizabeth Jennings didn’t age well, but she found her new duties in Berlin were much less taxing.

Any guesses what that might have been about? I’ll go with this:

Dog lady: Hi. We’ve got a dozen armed men in a van around the block. Would you like us to take out the guy watching you, and scurry you away to safety and a life of ease in Crimea?

Allison: No thanks. I’ve got this covered! And Ivan is fine too. But I’ll let you know if that changes.

Dog Lady: We cool.

Meet the new Cagney and Lacy. She’s a bipolar CIA agent with lots of baggage. And she’s a cool as a cucumber, sardonic BND operative. They both love the same man, but can they work together? Astrid and Carrie pull up to the now deserted jihadi barracks – one of the places that has the special tiles. They’ve got their guns drawn like on some old-timey cop show. Carrie finds Zaheer’s body. Then she finds the gas chamber. Peter moves a finger. Then he starts moving his eyes. Carrie and Astrid shout hallelujah.

It moved! (His finger. What did you think we meant?)

It moved! (His finger. What did you think we meant?)

The jihadis are in the back of truck. Bibi is not just their leader, but their driver as well. Cat Stevens is riding shotgun with him. Turns out Bibi had the atropine kit switched. Cat Stevens is his “blood.” Zaheer wasn’t. Poor Zaheer. Nepotism in the Islamic State! Who knew?

The episode ends with Carrie by Peter Quinn’s hospital bedside. How did they get him out of that contaminated chamber? VERY CAREFULLY. We didn’t see it happen, but given that we were reminded the chamber couldn’t be opened without releasing the gas, getting Quinn out must have taken some doing. Based on the promos, it looks like his recovery isn’t a sure bet (except that it is because no one will watch if Rupert Friend leaves). Quinn may be called on to make yet another sacrifice. Hasn’t the guy been through enough this season?


Thoughts? Opinions? Was this The Homeland/Marvel Universe crossover we’ve been hoping for, where Quinn will wake up with superpowers? Can the holy trinity of Quinn, Carrie, and Saul save Berlin – maybe with a little help from Astrid and the Bald Guy? Will Cat Stevens, inspired by Quinn, do something to stop the slaughter of innocents? But more importantly, what’s the real reason Düring wants to fire Carrie?

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