Hog-Castrating Senate Candidate: Stephen Colbert Brings You Every Possible Testicle Joke

Without a Todd Aiken, a Christine O’Donnell, or a Sharron Angle this time around, Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst and her cheerful ad about castrating hogs and politicians are just about the best thing to happen to the 2014 campaign so far. So here’s Stephen Colbert with almost all the possible ball-cutting-off jokes in the world. Is the segment juvenile and snickering? You bet your sweet ass it is — and we wouldn’t expect anything less.


We’ve watched this thing about five times now, and we just keep giggling. Just don’t look in Stephen’s shed.

[Well, balls: the video embed from Comedy Central is borked, so here is the link to the video. No, we don’t know why Daily Show vids work and Colbert vids don’t.]

Also: Jon Stewart explains the Hobby Lobby case, which is worth a look if only for the one joke about the only sillier-sounding case name than “Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius.” We promise: no more spoilers.

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