Ho Ho Ho! Seasons Greetings from the Ladies of Litchfield.

OITNB XmasHere’s a holiday treat for all you Orange Is The New Black fans – which is everyone in the world. The ladies of Litchfield perform their own special version of The Night Before Christmas. You can catch it below or on the Yueltube.

How are our girls doing? Cindy’s in it. Does this mean her conversion didn’t stick? Or is she religiously Jewish, but culturally Christian? Sophia makes a joke about being in the SHU.Good to know she can laugh about it. Also Alex is in it and we thought she was dead, but then again that could have been somebody’s dream, and besides this is television where nobody’s dead until you see the body and even that’s not 100%. But let’s not quibble with inconsistencies. This is certainly better than a completely out-of-context very special Christmas episode like they do on some shows, and given the length between seasons we’re just happy to see everybody again.


Marion Stein

Marion writes television recaps and reviews for the Agony Booth, and books you can find over at Amazon.

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