His real name is Black Joshua


Did you see Wonkette.com talking about television even though they sold all rights to television to your new Happy Nice Time People in perpetuity forever and ever, amen! The nerve of some parent blogs! And they were even funny about it:

Hey, did you kidz watch that new show Thursday night, “Black Jesus,” on the Adult Swim Cartoons For Stoned Grownups Teevee Channel? We did not, because we are traveling and without TiVo, and we haven’t watched television in real time for at least five years now, let alone stayed up after 11 on a school night. We are old.

But we heard it was really good! Like, not just for mean libtardo deity-haterz like us, but for Normals and New Pope fans, and everybody. The Washington Post review compared it to Book of Mormon, in that it pokes fun at the absurdities of the Christ myth without being cynical or dismissive. Just like Yr Wonkette!

Oh, well, I guess I can throw them a bone or a link or whatever. They try their best, bless their hearts.


Wonkette > Ann Coulter Puppet Holdings, Inc. > Democratic National Committee > Satan Himself


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