High School Musical (2006) (part 9 of 12)

Now we’re in the library, and Chad is yelling at Troy about wanting to be in the musical. Which is good, because I’m sure Troy hasn’t gotten enough shit about this yet. And Chad is full-on yelling, too, despite being in a library.

Chad says, “Have you ever seen Michael Crawford on a cereal box?” Troy has no clue who Michael Crawford is, so Chad replies, “Exactly my point!” So, wait, how does Chad know who Michael Crawford is? Is he just covering up for his own secret love of musical theater?

He explains that he saw The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and that his mom saw it 27 times. Sure, sure. His mom did.

He further explains that his mom put Michael Crawford’s picture inside their refrigerator. Supposedly, it was one of her “crazy diet ideas”. Ultimately, the whole point of this dumb, time-wasting conversation is that basketball stars end up on cereal boxes, while musical theater stars end up in his mom’s refrigerator. Hacked to pieces, most likely.

And I’m not sure about cereal boxes, but Spamalot did end up on a can of SPAM. A honey-flavored can of SPAM. Now that’s worth a good solid hour of shuddering.

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Multi-Part Article: High School Musical (2006)

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