High School Musical (2006) (part 3 of 12)

Cut to “One Week Later” in “Albuquerque, New Mexico”. Pan up on “East High School”, per the sign out front, while a song plays in the background, informing us that the “Wildcats” are “in the house”, and they’ve “really got it going on”, and other factoids of a similar nature. But we’ll be hearing this particular song in gruesome clarity later, so I won’t bother talking about it for now.

The front lawn is currently filled with students. Given the captions, I’ll guess this is everybody’s first day back from holiday break. Among the crowd is a guy who’s got the whole curly-fro, Justin Guarini look going on, and he’s got a basketball and he’s doing various moves with it, keeping it away from some blonde girl, and so forth.

A school bus pulls up, and out pops our karaoke buddy Troy. Everyone’s thrilled to see him, and the following is revealed in short order: Curly Fro Guy’s name is “Chad”, and Chad and Troy are both on the basketball team. The team is playing a championship game in a couple of weeks, and Troy is their star player. That last part I’m assuming, because Chad says Troy will be “leading us to infinity and beyond!” Oh, come on, Disney. Blatantly referencing your own movies? I thought you guys were above that. (Okay, maybe not.)

Caption contributed by Albert

Damn, Troy, I didn’t know you were tight with Sideshow Bob!

Chad is played by Corbin Bleu, who hasn’t achieved quite the same level of fame as Zac and Vanessa. And yet, he released his own album anyway. And he has another one on the way. Are people with genuine talent so hard to find that Corbin Bleu needs to get his own singing career? I don’t even want to imagine what those songs sound like.

By the way, Corbin Bleu should not, under any circumstances, be confused with chicken breasts stuffed with ham and swiss. And boy, I’m sure he’s never heard anyone make a joke like that.

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Multi-Part Article: High School Musical (2006)

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