High School Musical (2006) (part 11 of 12)

Cut to the hallways of East High. It seems Friday is upon us, because a caption informs us it’s “Game Day”. Another caption materializes above that one, saying it’s “Callback Day”. Another caption appears above that and says “Scholastic Decathlon Day”. And yet one more caption says “HELP!” Ah, fun with captions. It never gets old, never.

Caption contributed by Albert

Wait… it’s National Secretaries’ Day, too! We’re fucked!

The basketball half of the Whole Gang walks into a classroom. Troy puts his hands over Gabriella’s eyes, and Zeke presents her with something he calls a “pi pie”. And it’s an obviously professionally-made cake, with a big pi symbol on top in chocolate frosting. Because… pie, cake, same diff, right?

And let’s see if I’m understanding this correctly: Zeke has time to bake flawless, professional-looking cakes, and the guys were getting on Troy’s case about doing a little singing?

Caption contributed by Albert

“A cake with a turd on it! Just what I always wanted!”

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Multi-Part Article: High School Musical (2006)

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