High School Musical (2006) (part 10 of 12)

A disgusted Troy immediately runs home. He’s soon on his backyard basketball court, making angry grunts and throwing his balls around. Okay, that sounds kinda wrong. Troy throws basketballs around, and pitches one at the hedges, and collapses in a heap of frustration on the concrete.

Meanwhile, there’s a shot of Gabriella at her house, standing on her balcony, thinking. That’s all, just thinking. Now that she gave up on singing, maybe she’s taking up a new hobby.

At school, the two run into each other in the cafeteria. They look momentarily elated, but then Gabriella walks right past Troy, so she can go sit by herself and engage in emotional self-flagellation. The guys on the team call Troy over, but he just gives them a depressed brush-off.

And watch closely, because Gabriella’s lunch tray completely disappears between shots. Well, it’s possible she gave her lunch to the guy sitting next to her, but that’s not nearly as funny.

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Multi-Part Article: High School Musical (2006)

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