VIDEO: High School Musical 2 (2007)

In this episode, Dr. O’Boogie dares to follow up his legendary recap of High School Musical, the Disney Channel Original Movie where Zac What’s-his-face and Vanessa Something-or-other joined forces to save their school from being torn down, or something. Look, it’s been four years since that recap. Cut him some slack, okay? All your favorite characters are back for High School Musical 2, the sequel where everything’s bigger and better! Well, bigger, anyway.

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  • Muthsarah

    Is there anything redeeming about these movies?  So bad they’re good?  Fun to watch with friends and drinks?  I’ve only seen about 30 minutes of the second one when babysitting a six-year-old, and near as I could tell at the time, it has literally nothing going for it.

    • Well, the first one sort of had a worthwhile message about following your dreams no matter what box people try to put you in, but other than that, nah, nothing worthwhile about this series. This one tries to have some message about the importance of friends, but actually proves the exact opposite; Troy’s friends are whiny jerks and he was totally right in putting his future first, especially considering how in the first movie these same “friends” did their best to sabotage both his musical theater dreams AND his relationship with Gaby.

  • Wait…who’s Miley Cyrus? 

    I lost it after that XD. Great job!

    • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

      Selena Gomez should star in one of these movies, except set it in Mexico with a lot of Mexican stereotypes!  Everyone would love it, it would be great!  Except when Justin Beiber shows up…ugh…

      • They already made a Mexican version of High School Musical! Maybe this is one for @twitter-238358667:disqus to review?

        Disney also remade High School Musical in Argentina, Brazil and China, I shit you not.

        • Oh don’t get me started with the Mexican High School Mexico XD
          I have seen it, and the only positive thing I can say about it right now is that it’s slightly better than this trilogy.

        • Here’s the opening song, cashing in to the Reggeaton craze back then 

          Note the alarm sound at the beggining, the repeated lyrics and their attempt at arpping xD

          • I watched a few of the Mexican HSM videos. I like how Mexican Troy plays soccer instead of basketball, and Mexican Sharpay drives a pink Humvee. You totally have to review this movie!

          • And I will! Maybe even make a musical review of it!

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            I hope to see musical numbers from good latino artists like Julio Iglasias, Gloria Estefan and J-Lo…

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            wow after seeing that I was starting to get a horrible nightmare…that if Twilight was a musical it would be done in that same style…also I’ve never seen so many pale Mexicans before, that doesn’t look like any real part of Mexico I’ve ever seen.

          • The casting for this movie was quite peculiar, actually, Disney set up a reality show contest in the entire country to find the main leads, the result was the cast you see in that clip, not surprised since the judging was made by Disney XD

        • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

          At least there wasn’t High School Musical UK, Canada or heaven forbid, High School Musical in Denmark!

          • I’m guessing in the Danish version of High School Musical, Troy’s secret dream is to be a clog dancer, which pisses off everybody else on his ice fishing team.

          • Sofie Liv

             …. yeah, you obviously don’t know a lot about Denmark.

            And don’t be so sure Russell Brin, I saw a Danish version of High-school musical life on stage! with… very grown up people playing the parts. I mean no pretending, those were adults making a life musical version of high school musical. Just.. what?

          • Hey, I know plenty about Denmark! As a product of American public schools, I know all about you guys over there in the Balkans.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Speaking as the staff’s resident queer male, that could have been a lot gayer…  ;-)

    • And lo, the sound, as distant thunder quaking in the night, of a hundred fanfics making their way into this world. The firmament shatters from whence they come, and all light shall cease. Repent, Mendo; thine time draws nigh.

  • Ebalosus

    Wow, like Mr O’Boogie Ph.D, I’d completely forgotten about this franchise. I mean, I may have seen part of the first movie on tv some time in the recent past, but it left such little impact that it had slipped my mind that it ever existed.

  • Jill Bearup

    Rather you than me, Winston. 

    Just…rather you than me.

    Also, did they notice how out of time, and occasionally tune, their actors are? Owch…

    • Maybe I’m just tone deaf, but I didn’t notice a whole lot of out of tune singing (thanks, Auto-Tune!). But everyone’s so off beat on that fast version of “You Are the Music in Me” that I’m almost positive they recorded a rehearsal and then decided, screw it, one take is good enough.

  • Sofie Liv

    God.. so much auto tune.. soo much auto tune. And yet, all that auto tune is STILL not enough to have the voices being actually in tune all the time.

    I have to honestly say, I could never actually sit through that entire movie :/ 

  • Launchpad25

    One of many reasons why Disney Channel makes me hang my head in shame. I despise this ‘tweenybopper’ movement that Disney Channel started which resulted in the existence of ‘Glee’, ‘Twilight’, and a bunch of worthless tween celebrities that E! News constantly shoves down our throats! STOP IT, DISNEY! STOP IT!

    • The problem with the Disney Channel is that their live action releases are usually sub-par and can go towards insulting us with how teenybopper it can get. It’s the animated releases for the most part that are it’s strong point, like you’d expect from Disney. You compare Ashley Tisdale in HSM to Tisdale as Candace in Phineas and Ferb. There’s a significant quality difference isn’t there? Just like there usually is between live action Disney and animated Disney.

      Needless to say, this is just another one of those Disney products, like the Jonas Brothers that became a faded fad and only live on being lampooned in South Park re-runs, like a lot of other outdated topics do!

  • Tedzey71

    Watching this movie for the first time, I could not stop laughing at the part where Troy looks down at the pool of water and sees his CG reflection frown at him. God… thinking about it makes me laugh!

  • Kinda hard to get made about these movies when Pitch Perfect just came out. High School Musical was just boring. Pitch Perfect is an active assault on the senses.

    • How the hell did you end up seeing Pitch Perfect? Please tell me you have a little sister who dragged you to see it, or that you lost a bet.

      •  I see everything, I’m a critic. I like to be rounded.

        • Sofie Liv

          You know Winston, there probably is a reason why this guy was put in a mental asylum…

    • MichaelANovelli

      If you think of it as some kind of ultra-warped remake of Breakin’, it actually isn’t that bad!  :-)

  • Wow…I never liked it when any other teenage girls I was stuck with started talking about this franchise because it sounded dumb…

    I see I was right. It’s far, far worse than I knew, though. Sheesh.

    I feel shame for all of my age group.

  • Elfshotthefood

    I bought a brand-new copy of the Xbox game of this for $1. Even though I haven’t played it, does that still make me a bad person?

    • High School Musical 2… for the Xbox? That sounds horrible. ButI’d probably buy it for $1 myself just to goof on it, so I think you’re in the clear!

  • Chris Palmer

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention how the fat girl is now irrevocably associated with secondary character status.  The first movie didn’t even give her a name, IIRC.  Here, however, she’s Martha Cox (a name that was actually revealed in the books) and she’s been BFFs with the main characters since time immemorial (I’m sure there’s some sort of double standard here since those two other basketballers, Zeke and Jason, DID get named in the first movie).  Hell, by the time of #3, she’s lost 30lbs and become a cheerleader!

    • FullofQuestions1

      She was apparently just hanging out at the auditions with no intention of actually auditioning for the first movie. She got a part for whatever reason. Why do I know that?

      Anyway, I was twelve when this movie came out, so I saw it at the time. I’ve forgotten how dumb it is; I feel sorry for you man!

      By the way, every time a movie lifeguard dives in the water to save someone, my old instructor kills a kitten. Shame on you, Gabriella!

      • Chris Palmer

         It still makes no sense, as she’s not shown to interact with the main group in #1.  Skater Dude also doesn’t interact, and he vanishes from the movie after that one scene (although, lets face it, that scene was utterly absurd anyway).  Maybe it’s like the jazz square, where you really have to be watching to notice it (the choreography has Ryan catch Sharpay off-guard, implying that he is going to do the jazz square, but she doesn’t play along).

    • Yeah, I was almost going to mention that the character’s name is actually “Martha” and not “the fat chick who likes hip-hop” as I originally thought. But she didn’t do much in this movie and wasn’t worth mentioning. I’m sure I’ll say something about her when I get around to my HSM3 review, where I’ll also be talking about the movie’s thematic similarities to Synecdoche, New York.

  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    There are times I’m glad I didn’t grow up with the Disney channel…that looks just painful and I have a guilty pleasure movie in the Fighting Temptations…

    • Sofie Liv

       You know, it seriously could be worse..

      God help me, I grew up with Danish dubbed Disney Channel programmes.

      Horrible, horrible out of sync Danish dubbing.. where if you watch them in their original version, speaking english, it’s gold in comparison, some of the jokes are actually funny in their original languet.

      I watched the Danish dub of the original High School musical! I am still whimpering thinking about that exsperience.. dumb littlesister :c

  • Thomas Stockel

    Many thanks for taking that bullet for me, Winston.  Fun review. :)

  • The_Stig

    Actually, regarding Kristen and Robert I believe I read that they were back together. Not that I care about that sort of thing, no no. Stop looking at me like that! 

    • Haha, yeah… truth is, this review was recorded back in August, right after they broke up. I was actually hoping they wouldn’t get back together, so I wouldn’t have to cut the joke. 

      I mean, who could have predicted they would get back together just in time for the release of the next Twilight movie…… right?

  • Jinny Gipson

    high school musical troy gabriella sharpay ryan chad taylor that their names

  • Sean

    You seriously forgot the best gay joke in the entire franchise. After the song where Ryan switches teams, he and Chad switch outfits in the next scene. Which is generally code for “had sex.” Seriously, that scene was perfect.