Hey, How About Some Ronan Farrow News?

Hey, How About Some Ronan Farrow News?Today’s Ronan Farrow news comes courtesy of a hilariously bitter and sooooo-jelly Guardian column by Michael Wolff, last seen reciting Vogon poetry about the tragedy of New York City’s restaurants not kissing Michael Wolff’s assistant’s ass enough.

Watching Michael Wolff bitch about Ronan Farrow is basically like watching Elizabeth Wurtzel bitch about Lena Dunham, except with possibly less self-awareness.

What is Michael Wolff mad about today? Ronan Farrow has a stage mom, and he probably only graduated Bard College AT FIFTEEN before heading off to Yale Law because colleges and universities are “craven” about celebrity.

This possible last of Sinatra’s offspring – none of whom ever demonstrated, to say the least, an academic predisposition (nor are the Farrows well-known in this regard) – graduated from college at 15, attended Yale Law School at 16, and then became a Rhodes scholar.

The Ronan Farrow story is cast not just as demonstration of achievement, but also of good works. He, like his mother, is a humanitarian, traveling to fraught regions, and lending his name to causes and committees, for which he has been duly awarded (most recently in a gala event by an organization that supports Holocaust survivors).

Along with his academic credentials and humanitarian awards, Ronan Farrow has, at the age of 25, jumped past all other genius in his peer group, and already been the protege of the late Richard Holbrooke at the State Department (himself a dedicated friend to celebrities), and then, later, in the New York Times tolerant description, “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s special adviser for global youth issues”.

Of course, if you believe being Hillary Clinton’s “special adviser for global youth issues” is a real job, then you are the person for whom the Ronan Farrow story is being tailored. Call it the ultimate internship.

You know who didn’t know that Ronan Farrow graduated college at 15? US! WE DIDN’T! So thanks, Michael Wolff, for the heads-up! But is there more? Sure, there is more!

Ronan Farrow, with his degrees, could yet be as dumb as a post (outside of the media itself, there are no institutions more craven when it comes to celebrities and their children than academic ones). His visits to Darfur with his mother and general PR-type comings-and-goings among the world’s trouble spots might mean he is less a humanitarian than a narcissist. (Indeed, the word “humanitarian” often means attention-seeker and egomaniac.)

Please never accuse Michael Wolff of being a humanitarian, you guys. Oh right, no one has!


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