Rita Moreno Turns 82 Today, Remains Marvelous

What HASN’T Rita Moreno done? Chrissakes, the woman had an EGOT by the time she was 43. Some of us are past 43 and count as our only award one of those participation ribbon thingies from 4th grade. Today Rita Moreno is having a birthday, which is also something we are good at having, as we have not died yet. Yay Rita Moreno! Yay us!


On the real, let’s talk about all the many ways in which Rita Moreno is great.

West Side Story. Unless you saw it as recently as last week, you should probably go watch it all again right now. Oh, also, too, she won an Oscar for that role because damn straight she did.

And then there was Electric Company, which was a Sesame Street for the older set and also had baby Morgan Freeman:

Did you really think we’d post Electric Company clips and not get around to one with “HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!” Come ON people.

She won a Tony for “The Ritz” but we do not have a video for that because it appears that people did not film Broadway plays in 1975, which seems criminal. She did reprise her role for the 1976 movie though.

We always assume this was Moreno’s most difficult role, because the entire point of the character is that she can’t sing at all.

She was Sister Pete on Oz, which you should also go watch, especially if you want to see naked prisoner guys being all fully naked, because that is much of the series, but there is also Rita Moreno!

Also gorgeous. Like really really gorgeous. Both then:


…and now.

2013 G'Day USA Black Tie Gala - Arrivals

She’s 82, people. EIGHTY-TWO. You will not look that good at 82. Some of us don’t look that good even now. Happy Birthday Rita Moreno!

[2013 Rita Moreno photo by PR Photos]

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