Hey Dummy Watch This: The Kids in the Hall do ‘Daddy Drank’

The Kids in the Hall

Is there anything on God’s green earth better than an old Kids in the Hall sketch? This one goes out to everyone who ever had a troubled mommy or daddy. Let Dave Foley both soothe and trigger your childhood fears. Also, can we talk about how cute Dave Foley was? There’s a reason he was your Editor-in-Chief’s first great Canadian love, a position since taken by The Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling). Well, to be honest, Pierre Trudeau was her first great Canadian love, but that’s a given. Anyway, enjoy Dave’s majestic visage and humorous antics.

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  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    I, for one, prefer “Girl Drink Drunk,” but that’s because I’m a softy.

  • keinsignal

    Back in high school I won a girl’s heart mainly due to my ability to do an almost perfect beat-for-beat, boyishly-earnest-facial-expression-for-boyishly-earnest-facial-expression impersonation of Dave Foley, in particular the “good attitude about menstruation” monologue. Good times…

  • Vienna Woods

    Back in high school I was in a play with Scott Thompson!

  • Respiteini

    To answer your question, no. No there is nothing better on this Earth than an old Kids In The Hall sketch.