Hero Happy Wonker Saves Foo Fighters Song From Inclusion In Crappy Conservative TV Show

Hero Happy Wonker Saves Foo Fighters Song From Inclusion In Crappy Conservative TV Show

Remember way back ten days ago-ish when we mocked The Flipside, the latest attempt by conservatives to make funny teevee and pointed out that (1) conservatives are not funny generally and (2) they probably stoled the Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” as their theme because our beloved Fighters are liebruls? We are goddamn geniuses because it turns out that we were so very right about the Foo Fighters, and we now know this thanks to intrepid Happy Wonker Dan.


The part about the Foo Fighters struck me because as you stated, there’s like no way they would have licensed Monkey Wrench to those teevee people.

And you were right!

As a result of reading your article, I sent them a facebook and asked about the song. Surprisingly, within 15 min. someone responded to me saying “No WAY we didn’t!” (I would like to think it was Dave Grohl but most likely a management rep).

They were all like we’ll get on this and thanked me by sending me a hoodie and a t-shirt. And then got back to me the next day saying that they got them to take down the song. I’m stoked about getting some Foo Fighters gear, but kinda feel bad I did so off your article’s work. My bad.

Just thought I would let you know that sometimes good things happen in this world. Like a lower case v for victory, not like curing disease.

Keep up all the awesome writing! Oh and if you go to the teevee show’s link they replaced the Foo with some atari music.

So you guys Rock and the Foo Fighters Rock!

Dan was even kind enough to make our fucking day by sending us a picture of his own bad self sporting the Foo Fighters swag he received. Dan, feel free to use our writing to get as much swag as you possibly can, because you deserve it! Everybody thank Dan for being the most awesome reader there is, at least until one of you ponies up for a gift for us, you shiftless fuckers.

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