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Hero West Virginia Restaurateur Won’t Feed The Trolls — Just Everyone Else

One way to not feed the trolls Daniel McCawley, the owner of the Atomic Grill in Morgantown, West Virginia, has achieved a Flawless Victory over a troll who wrote an online restaurant review suggesting that the servers should “show more skin.” And so McCawley obliged, by introducing a new dish for the restaurant: from May 16 to Memorial day, Atomic Grill will offer a potato skin special, with all proceeds — not profits, proceeds — going to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services. That’s just about the Platonic Ideal of a turning a fuck-you into something beautiful, and our only regret is that we live in freaking Idaho, where a person just can’t find a potato for love nor money.

Hero West Virginia Restaurateur Won't Feed The Trolls -- Just Everyone Else

McCawley told ABC News,

We took offense to the review and wanted to flip it in a positive way … It was brutish. I was upset. I’m a father of a 12-year-old girl and I’ve got five sisters. The way that women are treated is pretty personal as far as I’m concerned.

Since the story broke, the restaurant’s facebook site has gotten a ton of traffic, and McCawley also posted a reminder that if folks aren’t in the neighborhood or in the mood for tater skins (i.e. weirdos), they can still donate to the Foundation for Rape Information and Services directly. The group also works with victims of domestic violence and stalking. The response has been so great that the Foundation just added a PayPal link to their main page.

Also, the misogynist jerk baby who posted the negative review on UrbanSpoon removed it, so there’s that.

Not too shabby, Mr. McCawley, and well done, Internet.

[ABC News via Gawker / VW FRIS]

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  • Jason M

    Those tater skins wouldn’t stand a chance, I would destroy them. I know this article is really about something else, but the munchies are all id, man.

  • thepoliticalcat

    Is ‘jerk baby’ like, a new thing? Because I worry about being out of touch, y’know.

  • glasspusher

    This is indeed HNTP. Well done, Atomic Grill!

  • Mojopo

    Brilliant. Thanks for the happy ending, Dok!

  • Shannon Martinez

    now i totally want some potato skins from this restaurant

  • Lagoona

    More of this kind of beautifully done thing, please. Make ’em aware of the actual issue , turn a f*ck-you into something positive, and fill tummies. Yes.

  • DeSwiss

    For someone who’s finding it increasingly difficult to decide whether it’s worth it to get out of the bed each day, this did it. Thank you.

  • Jon Fox

    I’ve been to this place many times. Great food.