We Are Here To Help Helena Bonham Carter Portray A Trifecta Of Elizabeths

We Are Here To Help Helena Bonham Carter Portray A Trifecta Of Elizabeths

We are very excited about Helena Bonham Carter being Liz Taylor, yes indeed we are! ANd USA Today was good enough to point out that this is not Helena’s first time at the Elizabeth rodeo:

When it was pointed out that Bonham Carter went from Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech to Elizabeth Taylor in Burton and Taylor, she cracked, “I only do Elizabeths; I’m looking for a third.’

Oh god you guys we have SO MANY IDEAS for other Elizabeths she can play!

1) Lizzie Borden


Like Carter can’t pull off crazed ax murderer in her sleep. Come on!

2) Liz Cheney


Who wouldn’t want to get their teeth into a nice complex role like this, where you have to base your entire political career on terrible positions on social issues that are so retrograde even your own conservative family doesn’t agree?

3) Elizabeth Edwards


Because fuck you Rielle Hunter.

4) Elizabeth Montgomery


Because it isn’t like Carter can’t play a witch.

5) Elizabeth Warren


Carter isn’t going to have any trouble playing a bookish avenging angel of the Senate.

And the two Elizabeths we do not want Helena Bonham Carter – or anyone else – to play:

1) Elizabeth Wurtzel


Because no.

2) Elizabeth LIZ LIZ LIZ LIZ LIZ LIZ Becton

Because she might kill us.

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