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Renegado reviews Gui-JER-mo del Toro’s Hellboy, starring Ron Perlman as a young demon summoned from hell during WWII to be a secret Axis weapon, but instead gets captured by American forces to use his powers for good. When Nazis return sixty years later, Hellboy and his elite defense team of firestarter Liz (Selma Blair) and telepathic amphibian Abe Sapian (voiced by David Hyde Pierce, performed by Doug Jones) are humanity’s only hope!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    Wow, I had no idea Kitsune was so hot!

    • Slow down amigo, she has brains too.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Even better!

  • StevePotter

    I always thought it was Gui-YER-mo. Isn’t that how he pronounced it at the beginning of the video? Oh well. You probably know better than I do.

    • It’s always been JER/YER. 

      • StevePotter

        Oh, ok. Do people really pronounce it “Gui-LER-mo” though? That’s pretty silly, I always assumed the “ll”= y/j was pretty commonly known. Case in point: Quesadilla.

        • The “L” pronunciation is pretty common among americans, or at least it seems like it, I’ve heard lots of people say “Quesadila”

          • StevePotter

            Harumph! What silly people we Americans can be. It makes sense, though. I don’t think anyone pronounces “llama” right.

          • Meh, it’s ok, I have troubles pronouncing some english words right.

  • Sofie Liv

    I must say though, I prefer the second movie.. a lot.

    But this was pretty enjoyable to! And yeah, you all-ready know I am a fellow Del-toro fan, I adore his work to no end! It’s all so beautiful in its own weird scary way. That’s honestly how I would describe his works, it’s always beautiful in a dark scary sort of way, if that makes any sense.

    And excuse, i’ll just go practise how to pronounce his name right. 

    • Everybody should pronounce his name right xD. And yeah, the way you described his works is pretty much the same image I have in my head. He’s creepy, dark, but awesomely so.

  • Grumpypants

    It may have been somewhere in the special features for this movie, I don’t remember… anyway, in an interview del Toro says something like, “Many people accept Jesus into their hearts… I accepted Godzilla.”  I’m paraphrasing but that’s a great quote.

    • I think it was on a Hellboy II interview, I could be wrong though. But it’s an awesome quote xD

  • edharris1178

    I enjoy the first movie too.  Heck, to a certain degree I enjoyed it more than the sequel.

    • It’s funny because, I watched the sequel before the first movie, and I still enjoyed both just the same. They’re kinda sorta in the same level, though the sequel is heavier on the fantasy setting.

      • edharris1178

         I dug the fantasy aspects of the film, it was just a few script elements that bothered me: the drunken singing bit went on way too long and, as with the first one, I kind of prefer the way they had Hellboy be widely known by everyone in the comics.  It adds an additional layer of humor to the proceedings.