Heavy Metal (1981) (part 3 of 9)

Fade to the next morning. The woman is gone, and Harry wakes up to two cops at his door, asking where she is. And to say the design of these guys is fascistic would be a laughable understatement. Harry plays dumb, but they bring up how he walked into the station yesterday with her over his shoulder. Yeah, kind of hard to explain that one away. However, they just leave, saying he needs to call them if he sees her again, otherwise, he’s dead. As oppressive authority figures go, that’s kind of pathetic.

Caption contributed by Ryan

When did they let Hitchcock direct a scene?

Harry gets in his cab, but hiding in the back seat is a guy with green skin and a red robotic eye, who threatens Harry with a ridiculously spiky fold-out knife. Harry’s naturally about to use his little disintegrator beam, but the leader of the bad guys from earlier gets in, and warns him not to. He doesn’t exactly give a reason, and from the scene that follows no reason is ever made clear, but Harry still backs off. Hey, if you can’t trust a horribly deformed crime lord…

Caption contributed by Ryan

”I’m going to annihilate some trout after work.”

The bad guy introduces himself as Ratnik. Come on, really? And as if that name and his appearance wasn’t enough, he constantly pauses and makes little slurping noises whenever he talks. So is this guy evil or not? Oh, and he keeps swinging around a cigar in one hand and a lighter in the other. So yeah, evil.

Caption contributed by Ryan

I guess life after Novicorp isn’t that bad after all.

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Multi-Part Article: Heavy Metal (1981)

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