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  • Jay_Bay

    Hey Nycea! *tons and tons of confetti, banner rolling from the ceiling*

    Ok, seriously, welcome back (though you wasn’t really gone. You have your PTSD vlogs which I hope is helping you out and helps out any other peeps along the way). I’m glad that you are ok. I was concern for a bit and was gonna shoot you a FB message, but then I was like that’s kinda creepy and back off. So glad that you want to do videos again. Man, that seems…odd and condenscing. But that is not my intention. Not at all. Just…nevermind. I’m rabbling.

    So you ask for ideas to do? Ok, I got a few -rolls out a 12ft scroll on the table- wait…this is my Christmas list. I got a lot of wants. Anyways…

    Sailor Moon vlogs-I can’t say for all, but I would be down with that. What I wanna ask or whatever is since I am not that versed in the manga lore and only got really the DiC dub and a few of the OVAs, the stuff in Crystal that I find different and unique is legit deviation (like PGSM) or is it been in manga and I am a troglydite for not knowing? I guess I could do it myself, but I’m a lazy asshole and it’s not like those “changes” prevents me from liking Crystal overall. It just seems to switch it into high gear and is flying through the beats. Also, it may be just me, but when I watch Crystal, sometimes I hear the subtitles in the SMA voices. Is that weird? Anyone else experiencing that? I can just be crazy.

    You’re Beautiful and the other K/J/other dramas-Screw it, the more the merrier. I can be totes down with more drama stuff. They are better than my soaps…..no one? Anyone? Screw it.

    Halloween Hunt-So I played it and enjoyed it very much. Hell, the music playing in the background really helped to set the atmosphere…so much that I had to turn it off because the thunder within it jump scare me a bit much. I made it through first time (lies) but I replayed it a bit more to see all the angles it went. It was very good for this being a first time, and I await the bigger and better things of the next one if you want to do one. If you want me to push more of that link, I can splat it to my FB.

    Fake Geek Girl Club-Yes, I know I haven’t did a card yet. Yes, I know you’re disappointed. I’m truly sorry. This one, yeah, I just go and say it-it pretty freaking toxic out there. If you want to continue doing it, I support ya. As I said in an earlier post, you are made of more sterner stuff than I.

    Anything new?-Well, umm, there are a LOT of superhero shows coming on TV. Nah, that’s too much. Hell it’s too much for me to watch and pay attention to, and there are 2 (AoS and Arrow) I’m not even watching. Screw it, I got nothing.

    Jesus Freaking Christ, I am writing a fucking novel and it’s all just me being a glorified yes man. The main thing is just do what do, and we all like it -big thumbs up-.

    ………so, Special Act? -ducks behind couch-

    • Magdalen

      Oh my God. Special Act. There aren’t enough words… XD

      • JD


  • MichaelANovelli

    Huzzah! Mags is back!

    As for what you should do going forward? I wouldn’t say no to new issues of Mr. Mendo’s Pals n’ Gals!


    Does this mean you’ll complete your videos on “You’re Beautiful”? I just hate seeing things half finished.

    “Fake Geek Girl Club” was pretty good and could go in some interesting directions…and some more Sailor Moon videos, like your two cents on the original manga.

    • Magdalen

      I’d like to finish it, yes. I know how you feel, I hate leaving things unfinished too!

      • jjramsey

        I’d like to see you finish it, too.

  • Hitchmeister

    I’m glad you’re back. I just want more cute, funny, bright, geeky Nycea talking about whatever you want. I’ve enjoyed watching you go on about stuff I would nave never guessed that I would find tolerable, let alone interesting.

    And, I don’t need to tell you, but do your best to ignore the assholes and focus as much as possible on those who want to enjoy what you do without causing drama.

  • Muthsarah

    I want stuff that you are visibly having fun doing. I wanna see the bubbly joy and the occasional kooky. So….whatever it is that gets you excited and fired up for vid-making, that’s what I want you to do.

    Patreon account’s still there, and is not contingent on your choice of direction.

  • danbreunig

    What would I want? I think you covered it all. 🙂

    Okay, Nycea/Maggie (Magcea? Nyccie?) First, front, and center: I want you to come back to video producing only if you feel you’re in a happy enough place to warrant your efforts. You sound like you’re there, but if you feel pressured or rushed, just remember to step back once and a while to stretch mentally/ physically/ socially. We’ll still have your back, and you’ve already left quite an impressive track record.

    As for Sailor Moon and its universe:
    You took care of it already with the PGSMs so you’re pretty set. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting back into the lore, since you’re the one who introduced me to the Sailor cast and I’m into it now–I’m still keeping up with the 2014 relaunch thanks to my fellow Magda Moonies here.

    As for You’re Beautiful:
    if it’s a short enough series to finish, then yeah, may as well finish it. I’m curious to see whatever pop shenanigans are yet to come. Particularly with Jeremy.

    As for Fake Geek Girl Club:
    I still haven’t finished my badge 🙁 Just need a good idea for decorating it.

    As for the PTSD vlogs:
    I’ll keep watching them, and I’ll keep reading the articles too. I’ve been a Booth fan altogether since the site’s infancy, but it was really the serious vlogs from some staffers that got me to start joining in these forums. I want to tip my hat, stretch my hand, and offer an online hug if I may to those Boothers (including yourself) who have the courage to talk about their issues and offer some support and hope, and surely camaraderie, to those in a similar boat in life (including myself).

    As for Halloween Hunt:
    I haven’t visited JellyfishStation in a *long* time. Had to focus my efforts elsewhere lately…

    Here’s a suggestion for something rarely discussed:
    How about a peek into your art career? Anything like inspiration, history, school, lessons, tips?

    –> Okay, I just want to see you tackle some self-portraits. Simple fan query, yes?

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Welcome back, Nycea, and I agree with that, what danbreunig said – only really come back, if you really, really want it, not because you feel that you NEED to do it.

    Besides that – what would I would like to see?
    Well – if you ASK me: I don’t know if it would be down your alley, but: Case Closed (Detective Conan) is a extremely successful manga, spawned an anime, 18 movies, some life-action-dramas and a lot of crossovers. That might be something for you.

    I’d like to see the continuation of “You’re beautiful” and “fake geek girl’s club” (maybe you could make that show longer? Not just 2 to 3 minutes, but choose a topic and talk about it in depth?).

  • Magdalen

    For those asking about my Twitter, I’m back up here: https://twitter.com/Codename_Nycea

  • JD

    WB Nycea.

    You do whatever you want to do.
    but id like to see the rest of Your Beautiful and maybe the occasional Sailor Moon update since they seem to be doing it right this time.

  • Danielle Osgan

    This makes me happy 🙂 You were/are kind of my role model for a functioning individual with PTSD. As for what I would like to see? All the above!

  • ru-man

    MORE K-DRAMA! Really nice to see you again.