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Oh, Clint, you so sassy. In this episode, Ursa chats about some aspects of Hawkeye’s character in The Avengers, and then gets overexcited by the Hawkeye Initiative, and its sterling efforts in highlighting the ridiculousness of female poses in comics. Good job there, Agent Barton!

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  • Now that you mention it, Hawkeye’s a decent example of how Batman should be written in a Justice League movie. Hell, how Batman should be written PERIOD. The dude can brood and still have a sense a humor. A deadpan one, granted, but still. 

    • Sofie Liv

       What are you talking about? He should totally be written just like in the JLA animated TV series!
      In there, in spite of being the only one without powers, he is still as hardcore as the rest of the team combined.

      I swear, Batman is a man without flaws in that series, he always have the right answer, always wins any fight, always shows the rest of the cast off, always ready to look bad-ass, more than any of the others.. just always. There’s an entire two part episode created just to show off how awesome Batman is, where he while being tied down by a group of villains, play mind-games with all of them and wins the day with his money. “Oh yeah, could have gotten out of that titanium trap when-ever I wanted, I just wanted to stick around and keep an eye on your clowns.” …. They should just have re-named the show. “Batman being badass and these other people.”

      • Batman in that show was very much the Grant Morrison JLA Batman. The hyper-competent mastermind. Which I like, don’t get me wrong. But I also like when his tendency to brood & take himself too seriously ends up making him look foolish. Nameless anytime he has to get carried around by Superman & Wonder Woman because he can’t fly. That shit is hilarious.

        • Sofie Liv

           I only just find it exstremely hillarious in hinsight.. yes I love him and all his bad-ass moments in that show. But honestly, the way he behaves and the way he is.. yeah an hyper competent mastermind makes him just about the most unrealistic character in the entire show! And that’s a show that includes shape-shifting martians, an alien race that evolved to be hawk people and a cthulu like monster! There’s nothing batman can’t do in that show, and that is funny to me when you start digging around in it X)

          We are just tricked into believing Batman is the greatest hero ever, because that is how that show treated him! fortunately the show is so good that it’s hard to see through how ridicoulus that is!

          And oh yeah.. that whole thing about. “Batman being better because he is more realistic.” hah! Bull-shit!

          • Muthsarah

            I don’t see what’s wrong with having Batman being the smartest of the bunch.  He’s been going through life on Hard Mode – he can’t fly, he has good reason to fear bullets, he has had to learn and adapt far more than his superpowered comrades because if he didn’t, he would always be the first one to die.  Superman can just fly through or punch anything in his path, as can half of the others.  Almost every obstacle can be met with brute force, and even if that doesn’t work, it’s worth trying, because, for them, failing the first time doesn’t mean death.  Batman has to always think before he acts, as any baddie the JL meets could squish him like a bug, and all that exercise has given him one juicy brain.

            Not that he has to be one-dimensionally or irritatingly smart.  But he should be brilliant, first and foremost, certainly in comparison to anyone he runs across, and should always be viewed as the most dangerous JLer to any thinking-first villain.

          • Sofie Liv

             yeah.. there’s a scene where the Justice league, all the super powered team members are training, Batman shows up and asks. “Why am I here?” the team members goes. “Come on train with us!” where-after Batman pulls out his bat-arang and destroys the entire obstacle course and all of its robots in like ten second flats, turns around and sneers. “Next time, only call me if it’s important!”

            … Batman.. just succeeded better than Superman, the Flash AND green lantern in a western obstacle course..

            Oh and in the pilot.. two minutes in, the first thing we see, Batman saves Superman. The show is setting that up! it’s manifactured! It’s awesome! … but it’s manifactured and constructed to be that way.

            One thing those show do get continueously right though and none of the movies has thus far.. Bats is the detective… the Detective! he is the smart guy whom can go undercover and do detective stuff, use words to warp people, ext. That’s awesome.

            Also.. one of the things I love so much about this incarnation and I can’t find in the movies. This contineuity makes a big deal out of Batmans compassion. He is the most compassionate person out of the bunch, whom feels sad for the villains and the every-day person, takes all the responsibility.. even the world on his shoulders, which is why he is doomed to fail. He takes responsibility for mistakes which aren’t even his, starting with the murder of his parents, later the tragic faiths of villains, and he just wants to make up for it all. That to me.. is what Batman is all about, that is what that show and that contineuity got right none of the movies did. I love Batman, and the animated DC univers has given me the version of him which I view as the best and most real version. Do not tell yourself any-thing different. That Batman will for me, always be the right Batman, none of the others. Cause that was the Bat I grew up with.

          • Alexa

            I completely agree with your assessment, and its funny how great DC can handle their superhero property in the animation department but does a crap job in the live action department. Here’s to hoping Man of Steel to being any good, even though everyone involved seems to be afraid of colors besides black, gray, dark blue, white, and brown.

          • Jill Bearup

            Fingers crossed. :)

          • MephLord

            With how badly their movie decision making is (did anyone REALLY want to see Jonah Hex in a movie?  That was the best character they could come up with?), I don’t have much hope for Time Warner do have a good strategy in place.  Heck, a Teen Titans movie would be pretty sweet too.

  • So is Loki next? PLEASE tell me Loki is next!! :)

    • Jill Bearup

      Loki is next. :)

  • Thomas Stockel

    Fun stuff, Ursa.  I agree that, starting with the nineties, comic women had gotten ridiculously over-sexualized but I think to some extent you are seeing comic companies backing away from that.  Ms. Marvel is now Captain Marvel and her costume got a makeover.  But damn it, why did DC have to put Power Girl in that full-body abomination?!  Couldn’t we have gotten just one cheesecake super heroine?  Just one, that’s all I ask!

  • Sofie Liv

    oh so it’s an entire initiative? I just saw one picture on deviantart and thought it was funny and a great idea, but didn’t know it was a thing.

    HAH! great! that’s an amazing way to actually make a point about constantly sexualising any woman in comic books and be funny about it, I love it!

    Also yeah.. hopefully we’ll all learn to know him better in future movies, but he had a couple of funny good lines, that was nice :)

    • Jill Bearup

      Yup, there’s a whole website:, and it be high-larious. Some of the pictures are better than others, though. 

      Love these: Oh Clint. You so empowered.

      • Sofie Liv

         These are bloody amazing! Thanks Jill!

  • funkym

    I dunno, Male Sexeh makes me uncomfortable. Also, why do that to women in the first place, man? Not cool.

    Also, yay Agony Booth Comments! :)

    • Jill Bearup

      Welcome to the Booth! :)

      The reason I love the Hawkeye initiative is that the ridiculously-posed-and-attired comic woman is so ubiquitous that she’s almost invisible. It’s not until you think, ‘Would a dude be posed like this? Or dressed in some equivalent way?’ that it really sinks in how stupid it is.

      •  To illustrate this point, 9 times out of 10 I’ll look at a pose and be so used to it some part of my mind thinks it looks “natural”, in the way that in my city any personal belongings you leave on a porch not bolted down disappearing is “natural”.  It takes a male who in theory is equally flexible to the woman looking ridiculous, or a visit to somewhere that thinks aren’t routinely stolen, to question something you see every day.

  • Oh man, the Hawkeye Initiative is amazing, I’ve been kinda following through reblogs of people I follow on tumblr and it is pretty hilarious.

    Regarding Hawkeye, am I the only one hoping he and Natasha get their own film? Or at least have them have a little story on the SHIELD TV show

    • Thomas Stockel

      I would love to see both of them get their own films.  Has there ever been a good female super hero movie?  I think in the right hands, with the groundwork already laid, this time it could happen.

      As for Hawkeye, my understanding is the current Matt Fraction comic has been outstanding, basically it’s what life for Hawkeye is like when he is not an Avenger.  Apparently he gets into more trouble out of costume than in.  A Hawkeye movie seeing him dealing with a SHIELD assignment as his personal enemies keep coming at him would be fun.

    • MephLord

      Natasha will have a role in the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier movie,since both her and Bucky are tied into the Red Room, a secret Russian facility that creates their own super soldiers (thereby implying that Natasha’s physical abilities aren’t entirely natural).  The only way a Hawkeye movie will ever get made is if it leads into a West Coast Avengers movie.  Although I’d like to see a Tigra movie, I doubt that’ll ever happen, so a WCA trilogy would probably be Hawkeye, Wonder Man, and then West Coast Avengers.  I could easily see the Zodiac being the main villains of a West Coast Avengers movie.

  • Necroglobule

    The Hawkeye initiative is…disturbing. Satircal and hilarious, but disturbing.

  • Necroglobule

    The Hawkeye Initiative is…disturbing. Satirical and funny yes, but disturbing.

    Still, I wonder which member of the team Joss is going to kill off just for poops and giggles in Avengers 2.

    • Sofie Liv

       He always kills the nicest one of the entire cast, so that would be Captain America