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Did you know the Harry Potter series is now sixteen years old? No? Feel old yet? Never mind, because Harry and friends were Ursa’s Very First Fandom, and she’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane. Movies, books, and fandom ahoy: it’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Themes!

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  • Moppet

    I still adore these books, the movies . . . hit and miss. I love them anyways too. Always nice to talk about them with people, and, as such, always nice to hear what other people thought about them.

  • danbreunig

    Don’t feel old for being a kid when you’ve read Harry Potter. Feel old for being a kid when you’ve read Choose Your Own Adventure.

  • FullofQuestions1

    This was great, Jill!

    I don’t exactly feel old, but as I was three when the first book came out and six when the first movie came out, it blew my mind when I was sixteen and the last movie came out- it was the first time since forever that I wasn’t going to be waiting for anything Harry Potter related.

    I think the story may actually have even more value when you’re older. I read the first four books when I was seven. Now that I’m older, when I reread them, they have so much more meaning, as I no longer think in black and white, and as I understand concepts like death, war, corruption of power, and prejudice a lot better. From the age of six until the age of nine, the morals and themes were subtle enough that the stories were just stories (although I will say that the fifth and sixth books helped me to understand what I felt inside when I dealt with losing loved ones). Now that I’m older, I can spot and appreciate the themes that you’re talking about. Because of that, the books get far more meaningful the older I get.

  • I feel particularly old, because Harry Potter was NOT my first fandom…and we read the first two books in class when they came out, in elementary school.

  • Magdalen

    Well done, Ursa. Can’t wait to see the next installment :)

  • Jerry Nava

    Gonna love these series, good job!

    I actually started reading the books after the first movie came out, but then got hooked and finished them all before the 2nd even came out xD

    I don’t regret it.

    Wait…forget about that, books 6 and 7 weren’t out yet by that time, which was awful because I wanted to know what was next D: I was stuck in the “Is Harry really the only one? What about Neville?” cliffhanger, it was worst than waiting for the movies, haha

  • Thomas Stockel

    Good stuff, Ursa! I’m looking forward to part two.