VIDEO: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

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This entry in the Harry Potter series was critically acclaimed and liked by just about everyone. Alas, the Suspect has a slightly different opinion.

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  • Necroglobule

    I never liked the Dumbledore death scene because it wasn’t as powerful as it should have been. I mean, this is Harry Potter’s “Obi-Wan lowering his guard for Darth Vader” scene, It should have had more impact.

    • Sofie Liv

      that’s kind of all the Potter movies in a nut-shell, scenes that should have felt huge and emotional, leaving a real impact… kind of doesn’t. it just feels like, it’s not as emotional as it should have been, any of it.

      They are in the books though, the sixth book had people yell in shock and anger, cry tears, go on the enternet and air all of their genuine anger. Followed by deep confusion as no-body knew if Snape was evil or not yet. The reaction was pretty much.

      “FUCK THAT SNAPE! I HATE HIM NOW…. or wait.. did he really, urh.. gosh i’m so confused.”

      Ah, good times.

      • Necroglobule

        Who knew Snape was actually a woobie?

        • Jason Withrow

          Too many people.

      • John Wilson

        Well movies are always going to be like that. With a book you can go into more detail. And inside your head ,you can go into even more detail. And you can take time reading the book. With a movie. You go as fast as the movie. Plus its more visual. A bit off topic. I re watched the Lord of the Rings movies and realized I like the Harry potter movies better:).

        • Sofie Liv

          Urh, I respectfully disagree that movies can’t provoke as big emotions as books, if not bigger, if they are good enough.

          A great movie can make me laugh, cry, scare me. Ext. There’s no reason the potter movies couldn’t have been like that.. they just weren’t, for some reason they lacked soul, they were just sadly medi-ocre.

          Kung-fu Panda how-ever… I just watched both movies recently, damn! both movies actually made me misty eyed in certain parts. (Oogways death, and Po’s flash-back to the past.) That’s more than I can say for any of the potter movies.

          Or for better comparison, Lord of the rings, that last movie had me crying snot when Frodo said good-bye for the last time. just.. D,:

          damn you movie, damn you.

          But just, great story telling, great cinematography, build up, soul, sincerity, warmth. Just made those moments genuinely touching. And Potter seemed to lack all of that in its movies, unfortunately.

          They are not bad movies, just not as good as they could have been, and I am saying that as a HUGE potter fan, whom wants to love the hell out of every-thing potter related.

          And again I sort of have to disagree as I view the potter movies as merely decent movies, while lord of the rings are GREAT movies, master-pieces and true accomplishments in any fantasy movie, they are just.. one of the kind movies.

          • John Wilson

            i’m not saying that movies don’t give enough emotion as books,I’m just saying that books can go into a lot more detail about many things. Books can explain thoughts, little details. Movie are visual. That means a good chunk of the book is cut out by just turning it into the movie. Plus you already know what happens in the movie if you read the book beforehand. To be honest. I was surprised by what happen to Dumbledore. Wasn’t really sad. And Harry Potter contains so many charators and information in just the books that compare to a simple story as Kung Fu Panda or even Lord of the Rings. Its going to be pretty hard to get that all in visually. Books and movies work best when taken side by side:).

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, as a I say, all a movie based on a book can ever hope to be, is an interpretation! so it’s whether it’s a good interpretation or not that matters.

            And I think the potter books had potential enough for movie interpretations to tug on the heart-strings, it just didn’t happen as we had sadly medi-ocre movies. They were not bad, they were not great, they were just. “okay.”

            Lord of the rings are potentially one of the most complex fantasy books out there, at least in how the world of the book is structured, the movies made heavy re-writes to them, but that is what you needed to have three such great movies! and yeah, potter should have done the same thing. The strongest stand-alone movie definetely is the third one, and that is, suprise, the one with the greatest re-write to make it fit the best into a movie structure, plus having a director whom actually brought his own recognisable visual art style. He was the only potter director whom actually had a personality to put up on the big screen.

            And no, I don’t think knowing the out-come of a story makes it any less sad, as long as it’s told well enough.

            Certain movies you watch a thousand times and it’s still as sad, certain scenes are as sad. You know how it goes, but it’s just so emotionally tugging. And that’s because it’s a good movie.

          • chromesthesia

            Well, yeah, quite a few movies tug at my feelings. Heck, just the first few minutes of Up had me crying my fool eyes out. The HP movies had potential because the actors were not terrible and you can’t go wrong with Alan Rickman but it’s like they took an orange, scraped out the pulp and good stuff, added water, HFCS and orange flavour to the peel. grrrr. Especially movie 4!!!!

          • chromesthesia

            Yes, The Lord of the Rings movies are so much better than the Harry Potter ones. I skipped them after 5 because they annoyed me so much.

  • Yipes

    Your sexy obsessed to an unhealthy extent. I swear you seem able to find sex in just about anything.

  • Patrick Walters

    Dude! How could you not show Snape revealing HE was the Half Blood Prince?! You leave out more stuff in your reviews than the movies leave stuff out from the books!