VIDEO: Harry Potter and the half-baked premise

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In Ursa’s penultimate Harry Potter-themed episode, she talks fanfiction, the 10,000 hour rule, the importance of constructive feedback, and why fic is important.

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  • Nicely laid out points about fanfiction. :)
    When you put them side-by-side, fanfic is virtually the same as fanart: both are stepping stones for beginners, both have people who are exceptionally skilled and can build upon the property (as well as the few who indulge in shamelessly perverse fantasy and completely disregards canon, as well as anatomy/grammar), and sometimes both are a decent way to alleviate creative block when working on something original. The big difference is fanfics and their writers don’t get the instant exposure that comes with visual art (I myself fell out of reading/writing fanfiction right around college) so it’s easier to lump them into stereotypes, usually the negative ones. :
    That said, it really would be a benefit to online culture if more people actually made an effort to craft their words and convey their thoughts with efficiency and wit, no?