VIDEO: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

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The kids are growing up and the Harry Potter series turns PG-13 with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Many consider this movie to be a low point in the franchise. But what does the Suspect think?

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  • I was Cedric Diggory’s double for two weeks in this film. Got my own trailer! In the scene where the twins put their name in the goblet Cedric is in the crowd shots… but it’s me in a wig! 

    • MichaelANovelli

      If that’s true, then it’s awesome!  :-)

      • Yup, had to line up next to Robert Pattinson with a bunch of other hopefuls and I had the same height and build as him. I was an extra in films and TV for about four years or so, Batman Begins, Thunderbirds, Alfie, Wimbledon, The Office… it was fun.

        • LindaMinda

          Obvious question then; do you have an IMDB page? I’m sure it would show which movies you have been in.

          • I have a couple of IMDB pages. But Extra work is never credited. 
            Rick Bush –
            Dick Bush –

          • $36060516

            Wish I could see your work as “Cindy” in “Daylight Robbery.” Would also like to hear Jonathan Ross pronounce the name of that show.

          •  Yeah, that part was written for a woman. Then we thought it would be funny to keep the character name and never explain it!

          • Sofie Liv

             Sounds funky, i’ve done that in a lot of stage shows.. meaning.. i’ve played parts written for boys, without changing the script except for turning “Him.” into. “Her.” when the characters talk. It almost became my thing at some point to only have that sort of parts.

            You pulling the same stunt though, as I said, sounds funky, i’m sure it’s a delightful watch :)

          • mssinykin

            Would you ever change “Him” to “Her” for the role in question, even when the character was writen to be attracted to or in love with another character writen as “her”? That would have to be an interesting change to point it mildly.

          • mssinykin

            Maybe you missed my question two days ago about your acting choices and scripts or maybe I just didn’t makes myself clear. So I’ll refrase.
            If you were to take on a role that was writin for a boy who was supposed to have love scenes or feels for a character who was girl, would you change the sex of the character or would you try and as pass as male? I’m very interested to see your thoughts about that kind of creative decision making, since it could drasticly change the whole tone of the show or at least the audience reaction to it.

          • Sofie Liv

             Yeah I missed it, sorry.

            Well, that only happened twice to me as far as I can remember, the thing about male parts.. while women usually are always paired up with some-one doing a story-line, there will still be considerably less women than men, so most of the men wont even have a love interest, and since I usually play the comedic side-kick, that is usually a none issue.

            But as it do happen, honestly, no one thinks any-thing about it at all, we just do it, they are lesbians now, nothing else changed, end of story. Also since shorts are such a compact format its limited what you can change.

            On top of that.. Denmark is another culture entirely, and our culture act in different ways.
            For instance, it baffles me deeply that any feels the need any-where to keep on writing “Gays should be allowed to be here.” articles all over the net, because for me.. it’s a Duh of cause situation!

            Here in Denmark, we have no agendas against homosexuals at all, they can freely do what they want and it’s been a none issue for us for ten years. I myself have a couple of lesbian and gay friends, and they are absolutely allowed to be so without any trouble.
            That’s probably also when it comes to womens right, my point of view is a bit different, I don’t as easily goes on rampages, because for me, many of the issues I hear about in the US is a none issue here, and at most, sounds highly silly to me.
            So yeah, if there’s a lesbian couple in a short. No one thinks twice about it here, there-fore it’s a none issue, there-fore it does not matter to us and there-fore there is no need to make any big deal out of it, and never have i tried when any-one wanted to make a big deal out of it.

    • $36060516

      Given your usual reaction when someone gets her twins out, hope you were able to keep it in your pants!

    • Sofie Liv

       Does that mean you could have been Edward cullen?

      that’s a very scary thought… but also its bloody awesome that you were there. but then again.. harry potter is my childhood and I now know you were there… but it’s also awesome.. i’m confused.

      • MephLord

        I must be a case study because I still haven’t seen a Harry Potter movie and only parts of the first Twilight movie (it was so boring I turned it off and played a game of Sudoku instead).  Yet still watching super hero cartoons seems a lot more appealing than those two franchises, although I am pretty certain that Harry Potter is much better than Twilight.

        • Sofie Liv

           Harry Potter is AWESOME!

      • Yes, I was actually in your childhood. It’s like I’m inside you. And I know you like that.

        • Sofie Liv

          Now that is just plain creepy

  • chromesthesia

    I dislike this movie.

  • I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan, and I haven’t seen the Deathly Hallows movies yet, but this movie was my favorite of the ones I saw. Of course, they DVDs were from the library and were so scratched up that the audio and visuals were often terrible, so perhaps sometime I should go back and rewatch better copies of them, see what I think then.

  • Anon

    I once knew someone who compared turning the Harry Potter books into films to “playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on a kazoo” and Goblet of Fire is probably the worst victim of that. It’s probably the most well rounded book of the series and cramming it into film length meant far too much had to be cut.
    I kind of like the Hippogriff song, it does have some stupid lyrics but it’s a good tune.