VIDEO: Harper's Island

(Do not adjust your computer! The review starts after a brief audio-only intro from your host.)

While Full of Questions can’t make a new review due to an AP exam, SATs, a chorus concert, and prom all in one week, here’s one from the archives: a mostly spoiler-free retrospective of the 13-episode murder mystery series Harper’s Island. The show was suspenseful despite being a somewhat clichéd tale of a large cast of characters who get killed off one by one, but does it hold up for a second viewing on DVD?
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  • Cristiona

    Ahh… AP and SAT… good times, good times.  Yeah, don’t miss that in the slightest.  Hope the concert and prom go well.

    Holy hell, that hat is… yeah.  Seemed pretty neat on paper, huh?

    Still, the review is pretty good, especially for an early effort.  Got me to add it to my queue, if nothing else.

    • FullofQuestions1

      The hat actually spawned the name though, not the other way around. It was a lame joke from summer camp where I clipped a coat hook to a hat one day, and when people asked me why I did that, I could think of no other answer except “Because I’m full of questions.”

      • Cristiona

        Heh, great story.  A friend of mine showed up for finals one day with a drawing of a frog stapled to his shirt.  When everyone asked why he had a frog stapled to his shirt, he answered, “Why don’t you?”

  • Liam Barrett

    Harper’s Island was a show I actually greatly admired. I kept wondering how they’d fuck it up in the second season, and then to my surprise, they never made one. It was also amazingly violent for a show starring such pretty people, which also gained my respect.

    • Annie

       It was always meant to be a one season mini series.

      • FullofQuestions1

        I’m somewhat happy that it was only a mini-series, considering that otherwise, it would’ve taken me more than a week to re-watch the entire show. I’ve started re-watching John Doe, which I’m probably going to review eventually, and for a show with so few episodes, it’s actually taken a lot longer to get through.

        Liam- since I’ve watched the commentary on the DVD, I respect the violent nature even more now. They (surprise!) had to work pretty hard to stay on the fine line between “violent enough for the show’s nature” and “too violent to be shown on TV”. They also had a hard time showing sex scenes that wouldn’t be censored.

        I was genuinely surprised though that they could show a guy getting chopped up and thrown in an incinerator- you don’t see him getting chopped, but that made me cringe. Such a horrible way to die!

  • Atomiclemon

    The series was originally going to end with the killer having gotten what he wanted, but apparently that was “too scary”.

    • FullofQuestions1

      I read that, and I can see why writers would think that way, but I honestly wouldn’t have minded an ending like that.

      • Atomiclemon

        I think it was vetod by network, not the writers.

  • FullofQuestions1

    I’ll have a new video soon; I’m just too sick to finish filming at the moment.