HappyNiceTimePeople Is ‘Team Crazy Guy Screaming At The Top Of His Lungs At This Trumpeter’

Gawker brings us this ear-breaking cell phone video of a tiny wee leprechaun screaming his face off at this no-talent asshole who should die or something. It goes on so long! There are so many terrible insults, shrieked at the top of the wee leprechaun’s lungs! It is not very “The Artist’s Way,” remember that, did you do those exercises in college for like a month before you stopped? Like, “The Artist’s Way” DEFINITELY does not think you should scream “YOU PIECE OF SHIT YOU CAN’T EVEN PLAY YOU SUCK! GO. NO! NO! YOU GO! GET THE FUCK OUT!” at people who are, like, making ART, man.


But A) The dude walked Bob Dylan up on stage, man! And B) He knows a disgrace when he hears him. And C) You KNOW that guy probably played the same five notes over and over again, badly, for probably like six fucking hours, because that is how assholes do. D) Like you have never screamed out your window at people who won’t fucking shut up, even though that probably was people honking or fighting in your alley and not people making music but same principle maybe we guess. E) Even though he was on the verge of it many, many, many times, including when he started crying, Crazy Guy Screaming At The TOp Of His Lungs At This Trumpeter never actually hit him with his manbag.

Peace and quiet, man. Peace and quiet. We do wonder, though, how the other neighbors felt about the screaming and crying during their Peace and Quiet time.


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