It’s A Happy Nice Time Party Who Could Ask For More?

It's A Happy Nice Time Party Who Could Ask For More?

Hi there. Hiiiiiii. Do you like our new website? One commenter has already sussed out that it is like Buzzfeed but with looser editorial standards and a unicorn-vomit color scheme, which sounds just about exactly right, and pretty much what we were going for, so SUCCESS! Speaking of vomit, the only reason we launched this fershluggineh thing (read, made Lisa launch this thing, and probably also made her cry) was so we could come to Boston and throw a party, which is exactly what we are doing. Say, tomorrow (Saturday) at sixish?


We will be buying you food and free Heineken at The Tap, which is in Faneuil Hall, and apparently is full of idiots, FUK YEH. Snipy will be there in her leathers, and Doktor Zoom in his wizard robes probably, and also Miss Fakakta South, and also, me, your Editrix! Some of us will be wearing crazy dresses and too much lipstick, like when Diane Ladd smears it all over her face in that David Lynch Wizard of Oz movie, you know the one.

Yeah, that one.

Anyway, be there or be A Idiot.

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