Hanson’s Exciting New Pale Ale ‘Mmmhops’ Is Your New ‘Billy Beer’

One of the nice things about having been in grad school in the late 90’s is that I almost completely avoided Hanson and the whole “MmmBop” thing. Did you manage to avoid it too? Well, now you can’t:

I was vaguely aware of them — they were just another popcult data point, a boy band flavor of the month, but they weren’t on any of the radio stations I listened to. Mostly I was aware that some of my freshman comp students hated them, because a vital part of being a college freshman is hating music that’s popular with kids who are three years younger than you.

But now they are selling beer, so I must pay attention to them for a moment. Here is a video from Daily Beast of some guys playing beer pong — badly. We understand that they are the Hanson brothers plus Beast reporter Kevin Fallon. Why are they playing beer pong? Because who would watch a video of a guy tasting a beer and saying “Huh. Not as bad as I feared”? And then they chugged beer. Hanson’s Very Own Mmmhops beer. Do not go to the Daily Beast looking for a review, because apart from mentioning that Mmmhops is brewed by Mustang Brewing and that it is a “tasty pale ale,” there is no beer reviewing, just a a good deal of beer pong and amazement that the Hanson brothers have gotten old since they were big — just like reporter Kevin Fallon and the rest of us! And here I discovered another benefit of not having paid attention to Hanson when they were popular — since I don’t associate them with any major life events, hearing that they are now 32, 30, and 27 doesn’t make me feel old at all. Take that, Inexorable March of Time!

Also a portion of the profits will go to charity, so the Hanson brothers are totally Paul Newman now.


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