Hanson’s Exciting New Pale Ale ‘Mmmhops’ Is Your New ‘Billy Beer’

One of the nice things about having been in grad school in the late 90’s is that I almost completely avoided Hanson and the whole “MmmBop” thing. Did you manage to avoid it too? Well, now you can’t:

I was vaguely aware of them — they were just another popcult data point, a boy band flavor of the month, but they weren’t on any of the radio stations I listened to. Mostly I was aware that some of my freshman comp students hated them, because a vital part of being a college freshman is hating music that’s popular with kids who are three years younger than you.

But now they are selling beer, so I must pay attention to them for a moment. Here is a video from Daily Beast of some guys playing beer pong — badly. We understand that they are the Hanson brothers plus Beast reporter Kevin Fallon. Why are they playing beer pong? Because who would watch a video of a guy tasting a beer and saying “Huh. Not as bad as I feared”? And then they chugged beer. Hanson’s Very Own Mmmhops beer. Do not go to the Daily Beast looking for a review, because apart from mentioning that Mmmhops is brewed by Mustang Brewing and that it is a “tasty pale ale,” there is no beer reviewing, just a a good deal of beer pong and amazement that the Hanson brothers have gotten old since they were big — just like reporter Kevin Fallon and the rest of us! And here I discovered another benefit of not having paid attention to Hanson when they were popular — since I don’t associate them with any major life events, hearing that they are now 32, 30, and 27 doesn’t make me feel old at all. Take that, Inexorable March of Time!

Also a portion of the profits will go to charity, so the Hanson brothers are totally Paul Newman now.


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  • SullivanSt

    I knew someone online a while back who insisted that while yes, she would concede that MmmBop was pretty dreadful, Hansen were actually awesome.I never felt any inclination to find out whether that was remotely true, because good grief I hate MmmBop.

  • Arcturus

    Perhaps folks need to appreciate Tinted Windows, which contains one Hanson brother, Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos, Smashing Pumpkin’s James Iha and a Fountains of Wayne guy… now THERE’S a SuperGroup.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    I liked the Hanson brothers better in slapshot…