Half-Naked Man Wiggles Around On Pole

Half-Naked Man Wiggles Around On Pole

This is the goofiest thing we’ve posted today, and we’re deeply proud of that fact. Maybe it’s not smart, but then again, what is “smart” anyway? Is it “smart” to get upset about our nation’s morals and standards of decency? Is it “smart” to waste time wondering about great questions of philosophy and the other social sciences? Or is it perhaps only truly wise to take pleasure in the sublimely ridiculous, as presented here by Friends of Site Josh Androsky and Brian Braiker. No, that’s not Brian on the pole; it is instead a lad named Paul Groslouis, who is today’s Absurdist Hero. Here, for example is Paul gettin’ him some Adele, on a pole. And here is the vastly better-lit magnificence of Paul freestyling in heels, natch. Paul, you have genuinely made this sad news day happier and sillier. You are extremely talented, and we would be happy to post your videos any day. We also just Facebook friend requested you, eeek! We hope you say yes!


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  • NoNotThatOne

    You’re welcome, Mr. Bachmann.

  • glasspusher

    I’d like to see him try that with a double reed. Amateur.